Arkham City Catwoman Trailer

Rocksteady have revealed that Catwoman will be a playable character in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City game. Miss Kyle will have her ‘own way’ of traversing Gotham as she does not posess a cape like the, er, caped crusader.

Catwoman will have her own side missions that will focus on her talent of stealing things and her story will intertwine with that of Batman. Instead of ‘Detective Mode’ she will have ‘Thief vision’ and is rather handy with her whip.

Source: YouTube / Gamestop



  1. fantastic trailer lol

    • Looking forward to this game.

  2. Cat woman is my fav villan from the batman series…..yes I am serious! Fancied the pants off michelle phifers?? version in Batman Returns. I am quite excited for this game

  3. meow!

    looks like rocksteady are living up to their name once again.

  4. Pwoar, brilliant trailer xD
    We are getting a Kitten this weekend lol.

    • I got one yesterday, he was nice enough to pause the trailer for me, and then fancied a type..

  5. please please please say this means co-op?

    • It looks more like we’ll get to play as Cat Woman through a section of the game.

    • Nope, no co-op. Rockstar have specifically said so.

  6. Mmmmmm….

    That was epic.
    This game just looks better an’ better.

  7. best bum since uncharted? ;)

    • Very nice bum that! How many men worked on that, I wonder?

  8. I said it in the forum and will say it again, cute ass.

  9. Wow what a trailer and what an ass!

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