Mass Effect 3: Better With Kinect?

Over on the NeoGAF forums a clever chap spotted the image below on the Electronic Arts online store.

Plainly visible at the top is the ‘Better with Kinect’ logo. The image has since vanished from the store itself but the original file is still hosted on the EA servers – you can see for yourself by clicking here.

Quite how they are going to integrate Kinect in to Mass Effect is anybody’s guess, but with E3 looming next week we’re probably going to find out quite soon.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Be intresting to see what you can do using Kinect.

    • Especially with the erotic things wich you can do on ME… :P

  2. This is probably the best strategy to use for “hardcore” games; just give them some Kinect enhancements like head-tracking or gesturing. Not mandatory but well implemented to justify buying a Kinect even if you’re a “core” gamer.

  3. Whether true or not, it’s going to be interesting to see the new hybrid Kinect games and whether it adds to or detracts from the usual gamepad-only gameplay.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing how Kinect in implimented into this and the Ghost Recon game. I’ve been interested in Kinect from the gate, but there hasn’t been anything that has made it justifiable to spend the $150.00. Hopefully that all changes at E3.

  5. Hide behind sofa=Hide behind Box/cargo for cover, could be awesome.

  6. i’ll settle for the, apparently, inferior joypad only way of playing thanks.

  7. finally something that sounds interesting about kinect gaming!

  8. They will need to sort out the space requirements for this before I will buy one.

  9. Odds on it’ll be for the Krogan rut minigame.

  10. Just can’t imagine how it can work for games like this with no buttons.

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