PlayStation Store Is “Available Now”

Following on from our post this morning, the EU PlayStation Blog has posted the following statement:

“I’m happy to confirm that PlayStation Store is open and you can now download content and redeem voucher codes. We will update you with the full lists of new content available to PlayStation Network members and PlayStation Plus subscribers here on the PlayStation.Blog in the next few hours.

You may have noticed that the content promised as part of the Welcome Back offer is not yet live. It is currently in the final stages of testing and will be available to download very soon; we’ll be sure to let you know when.”

I tried the store this morning, and whilst it was a bit sporadic it was most definitely up.


This will hopefully mark the end of what has been a bit of a rollercoaster for Sony fans. It’s been fun… now let’s never speak of this again, under threat of catapult.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. It is indeed, been checking the store periodically for the last hour. Really glad it’s finally up!

  2. Nab the free Burnout Paradise. Do it! You know you want too.

    • I was shocked to see it free, needless to say it’s currently downloading :)

    • Totally awesome addition to the plus package…I’ll be downloading it even though I have the Blu-Ray…gotta be better on the HDD :,)

    • The amount of times I’ve thought about buying this in the past (about a year and a half ago [or something]) – the waiting paid off!

      • Oh yeah, same for me. Although I do feel a little guilty for not purchasing it sooner since I know the criterion studio quite well.

    • Is it free for Plus or is this free for everyone? Im not a fan but I’ll take a free copy any day of the week!!

      • Actually it looks like it’s for new Plus sign ups
        “This content cannot be accessed on your account” is all I’m getting.
        The advert for it says….Welcome to Playstation Plus Burnout Paradise £0.00

      • I’m getting the same thing, so it’s for non-ps plus members for the free 30 days (ends with subscription) or new sign-ups. It’s accessible on my sub, but it hasn’t been given 30 days free.

      • i have the year plus and i can download it no probs,its in my download list now

      • Says not available to me and I’m a plusser…

      • I’m a year subscriber and I’m downloading with no fuss. It’s probably just the store taken a while to sort itself out.

      • I think it could be a temporary glitch because I’m getting the same access denied on your account message for several of the Burnout packs when I try to view them…it won’t let me look at the Big Surf Island pack for example.

      • Just out of interest how many of you are current ps plus members that recently renewed to take advantage of the free 3 months? I know I am, I don’t end till December 2012.

      • i’m downloading burnout as i type, i was subscribing, but my sub ran out and now i’m on the free time, so maybe that’s why it’s letting me get it.

        seems kind of odd that they wouldn’t let paying subscribers get it.
        maybe they’re using it as a way to get those people who haven’t subscribed to do so after the 30 days runs out.

        doesn’t seem very fair for those paying for a sub though.

      • Judging by this blog post, it is a part of the June Plus content so we should all get it
        I’m a full subscriber by the way and my subscription is still current, so I imagine that the error code is a glitch.

      • I’m a subscriber and I could download it, probably just getting overloaded.

      • Everyone is a ‘Plus’ for the next month :)

  3. Welcome Back pack?

  4. And us Asians get shit all for the welcome back pack -.-

    • Well they’re all old games… its mean but I guess theres actully people out there that haven’t even bought Super StarDust HD

  5. Que store collapse due to traffic ;)

    • Some areas of the shop had to be reloaded to get them to show again, but it seemed to be working alright.

  6. im hoping that the welcome back content is available for a while, i go stateside next week for a fortnight and hope i can either get it before i leave or that it is still available when i arrive back!

    • I couldn’t find any of it yet :/

    • It’ll be up soon, and they said earlier that it would be available for a month :)
      Have a nice trip.

      • i plan to! California is nice this time of year! (not going to E3 though :( )

  7. Seems to be riddled with errors. Good job they had all that down time!

    • I keep getting the message that “an error has occurred “.

      • It’s probably because of the traffic.

  8. It’s a little bugged at the moment though as there are error codes with some page updates, but that’s to be expected and I doubt that’ll last too long. Dirt 3 VIP online pass redeemed and ready for use :P
    Great to get the that shop page up instead of an error code :)

  9. Final Fantasy VI !!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Thats the same as Final Fantasy III from the SNES yeah?)

    • OMG… FFVI, is it really?

    • it was ffvi in japan, but many of the ff games never made it to the west so the numbering got a little out of synch, so ffi to western players would be ffvi to japanese players.
      they went back to the japanese numbering in the west with vii though.

      • FFVI (JP) is FFIII (US) on the SNES.
        FFIV (JP) is FFII (US) in the SNES.

    • FF4-6 were number 1-3 in America to avoid confusion. They returned to the Japanese numbering when 7 came out. At the time FF4(1) was released,the real 1-3 were not avaible outside of Japan and thus gave their western counterparts different numbers. Anyway i would sugget getting it as it is excellent and the last main 2D game in the won’t regret it.

  10. That’s great news, hopefully you lot won’t break it again by the time i get home from work. ;)

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