Jenova Chen Talks Journey

The potential highlight of E3 this year? No, not that, this.  Journey.

I’ve seen it first hand and even back in February I thought Jenova Chen’s singular vision of mute friendship and co-operation with strangers was masterful, the game ticking all the boxes for me personally.


Since then it looks like thatgamecompany have been hard at work on the incredible looking PS3 game and this interview and reveal trailer shows off the sand physics and the core gameplay mechanics perfectly.

Jenova’s a really cool chap, he’s full of spirit yet carries a real sense of quiet confidence – he’s right to, Journey is looking like being something really special.

I can’t wait to see it again.



  1. Game looks fantastic (much like their others). And a great video, but why did it cut short? :(

  2. Game looks fantastic (much like their others). And a great video, but why did it cut short? :(

  3. Kudos for sony letting them create whatever they want, and we’ve had some really innovative gems for it.

  4. I love games that go for a stroll outside the box, so I’ll be looking forward to this as it seems very promising. Does someone have a youtube link to the video? Because my phone can’t see it, and I’m too lazy to turn on my computer…

  5. Thats not mother? where’s mother?

    • You’re just jealous he has such a cool name.

      • True.. ahaha

  6. Day one.

    • Easily, looks amazing

  7. Gorgeous, this will hit the spot until TLG.

  8. Video removed:( still buying from what i’ve prev read @6axis.

  9. Damn, now I can’t get the Jenova theme from FFVII out of my head anymore!

    • Same, my version is from Advent Children

  10. “video has been remove for copyright by Viacom” FUUUUUU…*spills his tea everywhere*. I saw a game play video on IGN and i did post the link to the TSA twitter account. Now where’s my cookie?;op
    It seems like one of those games that you’ll play just to relax and with one hand. There is not enough information for me to make a judgment of it yet. Hopefully that will change next week.:D

    • Well it was always going to happen from the likes of Viacom content

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