Rumour: New Rainbow Six Game On The Way

Kotaku is claiming to have a source ‘familiar’ with a new Rainbow Six project that’s on the way. The game, according to them, is going to be a lot more story-driven than R6 games of the past and involves a terrorist group attacking New York. Here’s the kicker; the terrorist group is made up of Americans that are apparently tired of Wall Street greed and their supporting government.

Outside of that, the only other detail Kotaku refers to is a new cover system that zooms out to a third-person perspective when hiding behind something. It’s kind of funny they’re calling that ‘new’ because that’s exactly how the cover system worked in the Rainbow Six: Vegas series.


No word on when this title will be properly unveiled but E3 sure seems like the right place to do it.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Not surprising as allot of people loved RS:V.

    • have enjoyed all the Rainbow games will be great to play a new one.

  2. Overdue really…

  3. Hallef*”kinglujah! Ubisoft its been too long…Just dont mess this one up please.

    • Oh and please use a new game engine for this one, just asking?

  4. Thank god. Rainbow Six Vegas is still one of my favourite FPS games so a new one is long overdue

  5. MW3, UC3, Hitman, last guardian and now this loved R6V can’t wait for E3 its all very exciting I already have £300 quids worth of pre orders :/

    • Your not the only one, man I am so SKINT!
      RV6 was brilliant had endless of fun in Multiplayer and customise my character.
      Looking forward to it!

  6. As long as they keep split screen terrorist hunter and story mode, I’ll be happy!

  7. Please please please be true! R6V2 is one of my favourite games ever, and it’s got a huge fanbase still Ubisoft haven’t done anything for it since 2008. Can’t wait for Ubisoft’s E3 now! :D

    • First game I played/finished for PS3 :) It was a really great game, especially co-op!

  8. Now this is awesome news , i picked up R6V2 a couple of years back on the cheap and its brilliant , i really enjoy the teamwork involved and to this day it still has a heck of a lot of people online .

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