What We Played… Whilst Climbing Trains

We’ve recorded a particularly eclectic mix of gaming and non-gaming between this week. Top of the list and almost top of the chart is everyone’s favourite bear. No, not Yogi but Tuffcub.  Though he found even recalling whether he’d gamed this week a bit hazy.

Not that his gaming involved Free Radical Design’s disappointing swansong but because he’s been playing at being a pop star after TSA’s very own DJ Hero saw his album go in at number 4 in the official charts.  As a result, while it sounds as though there have been many parties, none of them involved LANs, Buzz or even SingStar.

He wasn’t the only team member to succumb to music’s siren call this past week.  Kris owned up to having been dragged kicking and screaming away from his Xbox and WordPress to attend a festival.  Personally, I suspect he went willingly and was just feeling guilty about not having played any games when I asked him while preparing this post.

Yet another located nowhere near their console of choice was Toby.  He’s away on holiday and what little gaming he’s managed to get in has involved rage.  Not the id created rage, of either kind, but that produced from time to time by otherwise addictive little games.  In this case it is Angry Birds and Paper Toss shattering the peacefulness of his sun worshipping.  Both proved infuriating for similar reasons:

Sometimes it works like a dream, but sometimes it defies the laws of physics and proves to be an irritating little game.

[drop]Someone else playing around in the sand, not to mention the gravel, snow, DiRT and sometimes tarmac was Matt who been busy taking the series’ third outing for a spin.  Having finished the main championships and completed the super series he should be in the ideal position to answer the question of whether you can enter a Hyundai Pony into the gymkhana.

Finding that DiRT 3 is somewhat lacking in opportunities for adventure and romance, Matt developed a “hankering for some Uncharted”.  Spending a few hours steering Nate through the twisty jungle single track in Drake’s Fortune seems to have sated that particular desire for now.

Blair has also been watching the thoroughly trustworthy and not at all mercenary Mr Drake sashay and swing his way around the screen, though he chose the rugged hero’s second outing as a little more polishing was required to reveal the platinum trophy.

That’s not the only virtual silverware that he has been proudly showing off around TSA Towers as the very same day he also found the Portal 2 platinum.  Some of us here think it more likely he ‘found’ them both in a holdall Zoran had dropped somewhere in Shambhala.

Despite the staggering number of kills required to play through Uncharted 2 (seriously, Drake is one mean mass murderer, after five runs through the story I’m up to around 3,000 kills) Blair was still thirsty for blood so he played through Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which was “okay… some nice action bits but just an average campaign overall”.  He finished his gaming week by going out on the Raz, or rather playing the doubly fine game Psychonauts which he’d been lucky enough to score for just 99p on Steam over a year ago but had gone unplayed until now.

There was even more Drake-love (no I’m not back to swans again) from Josh who was also to be found playing the “impressive and varied” Uncharted 2.  That was in amongst going back through L.A. Noire following his review, perfecting cases and grabbing collectibles, and revising for his upcoming inFamous 2 exam by going back through the first game playing an evil sapling son of a beech.

[drop2]Seemingly in agreement with parts of Josh’s aforementioned review, Dan has been “struggling to remain interested in” his sojourn through the crime-addled streets of 1940s L.A.  When not poking around naked women’s corpses in dark back alleys (ooer missus) he’s been exercising the all-together more colourful but almost equally as undressed combatants in Dead Or Alive Dimensions on the 3DS “which is possibly the best looking portable fighting game” he’s ever seen.

Perhaps inspired by our recent graph showing how the life-to-date sales of current consoles compared to those of yesteryear Dan also dug out his SEGA Saturn to have his wits and reactions tested by Cave’s vertically-scrolling manic shoot’em up DoDonPachi.   Any day now we’re expecting him to enter MAXIMUM news mode and try to write 220 posts in a day.  E3 may give him that chance.

Last but not least this week is Delriach who, if you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of weeks, has been in training for a Mortal Kombat tournament.  Here’s how it went:

I competed in Mortal Kombat at a tournament called Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 in Chicago.  It was a three day long adventure where I played some of the best in the game.  I did pretty well but I got eliminated right before the semi-finals.  It ended up being a very close battle.  It was a bit upsetting but it’s a learning experience.

The entire weekend was spent playing Mortal Kombat, watching Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and tons of other fighting games).  The days never ended really.  I’d get home at 6am only to leave the house a few hours later.  It was pretty hardcore stuff.  A group of us all stayed at a friend’s hotel and played Mortal Kombat for an unhealthy amount of hours.  It was quite a blast.  The entire tournament was really a great experience.

You can find the tournament results here and see if you can spot Delriach in this photo from the event…



  1. Well done TuffCub on your album!
    Besides finishing the street crimes in LA Noire, and trying to like Dirt 3, last night was demo night. Played everything i could get off the store (US also). Out of that lot, Outland is the only one that i really liked.

  2. Aw, unlucky Del. I’m sure you’ll be able to beat them all next time.
    For myself, I’ve finally picked up MGS4 and I’ve been playing through that, along with a bit of Gran Turismo 5, testing out my new Countach.

    • ;P One day. All the top players were very, very good. I’m actually competing in another tournament next weekend called ReveLAtions. It’s right after E3. I’m very excited!

  3. He’s the lego man…..right?

    • I wouldn’t let Chun Li hear you call her a man… :)

  4. For me it’s been Red Dead Redemption and LA NOIRE. Also some plus content and demo’s yesterday.

  5. With the exception of a couple of rounds on Perfect Dark Zero and GRAW2 I’ve mostly been playing DOA:Dimensions this week. Have to agree with Dan on this one, it is one pretty game (and a lot of fun too!) :)

  6. Still trying to finish The Witcher 1 to move on to the Witcher 2 but it seems like by the time I’m done with the first game Red Faction: Armageddon will be out so I’ll be spending time destroying all kinds of building structures…

  7. Congrats TC, my gaming this week has focussed around completing Black Ops, quite enjoyable. Got no interest in the multi though so I’m going to palm it off on my boss now.

    Moved onto Crysis 2 last night, so far so good. Likeing the fact that it needs a little more strategy than just run and shoot. So far so good, and despite being one of those pointlessly easy ones, the “Can it run Crysis” was ingeniously named.

  8. So what are you all planning to play this weekend? I’ve got to try and choose between Hunted and Enslaved. How about you?

    • I’m hearing mixed reactions about Hunted. I can vouch that Enslaved is good stuff.

      For me, I’m trying to finish up Motorstorm Apocalypse. Good game but frustrating as all hell sometimes.

  9. Ive just started playing LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers for the PSP (thanks to the Welcome Back pack), and they both do an incredible job of porting the PS3 experience, although the stiffness of ModNation Racers’ drift is irritating, it was a lot smoother on the PS3 version.

    Everyone seems to be playing new games, but i’ve been recently playing Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast, and I plan on playing Rez some time as well. I’m not sure whether to think this is a bad thing or not :(.

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