New PS3 Console Exclusive FPS Announced

Sony have announced a new exclusive first person shooter made by the Swedish team at Overkill. There aren’t many details yet but what we have heard seems quite exciting.

The game is called Payday: The Heist and will be a cooperative first person shooter in a modern world, urban environment. Here’s how Bo Andersson, CEO of Overkill puts it in his best “press-release patter”:


PAYDAY: The Heist is an action-filled first person shooter for the PlayStation Network that lets you take on the role of a hardened career criminal executing intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next “big score”. Navigate diverse urban settings with three partners in crime – controlled by either AI or your best buddies in co-op multiplayer – and load out with an array of weaponry and equipment as you launch a spectacular crime spree through six high-stake heists, including banks robberies, prisoner extractions and armored car hijackings.

Plenty of games have used a similar premise, from Kane & Lynch to Hei$t, but the inclusion of four-man teams and a kind of progressive, class based levelling system may breathe fresh life into the set-up.

Overkill was set up from the ashes of Grin, the development team behind Bionic Commando (and BC: Rearmed), Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Terminator: Salvation.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looks fun, which could make it a hit PSN game.

  2. Sounds really good, especially if it has 4 player co-op. Want to see some sort of trailer or gameplay video though, hopefully they’ll be something at E3.
    And also, by saying “Sony have announced” does that mean leaked or actually announced? Seems odd a week before E3 to announce it.

    • Check the source, it’s a post on the PS blog by the CEO of Overkill. So… announced!
      People will announce a few days early to get a little bit of the limelight rather than announce in the same hour as twenty other games that might overshadow yours. This way, they get a few hours as headlines on most game press websites. If they’d announced on Monday night or Tuesday, they’d have been lucky to get a few minutes.

  3. YAY!!! GO SWEDEN!!!
    looks fun BTW =)

    • As if you guys don’t have enough good developers already. DiCE, those guys who make angry birds, ummm some other people possibly.

      • Angry Birds was made a by a Finnish company.

      • Avalanche (Just Cause) is from Sweden, isn’t it?

    • Minecrraft *angelic choir*

  4. Does look pretty cool, must keep an eye on this one!

  5. terminator was the crapiest game ive ever played………..i hope its nothing like that..

    • I have a feeling it won’t be, I agree too though, it was crap!

  6. Needs to have at least 2 player local co-op for me. Online only co-op infuriates me. Hopefully there will be more details soon as it sounds interesting.

  7. Nice, always good to see some new exclusives

  8. Looks interesting, though their track record isn’t great.

  9. Saw this yesterday. Looks very interesting, and there seems to be plenty of content too.

  10. Do I get any point for the getting The Clash reference.

    • no points but you win my respect and adoration.

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