Payday: The Heist Promo Pitch Leaks, Causes Uproar

A promotional pitch idea for PayDay: The Heist has appeared on the internet, and it seems to pander to a demographic of horny teenagers, using attractive Swedish models to tell girls to upload pictures of themselves, so others can vote on their attractiveness.

Those who were deemed attractive by the internet would be part of the PayDay movie.


Well, developers Overkill have come out and said that the production of the promo had nothing to do with them [via]. Instead it was a pitch by an external advertising company to promote PayDay: The Heist. Overkill, and the studio owners Starbreeze, had rejected the promotional piece and is now opening an investigation into it, stating they do not agree with the message the video portrayed.

That message being that women are there to look nice and no more. It is these kind of videos that help perpetuate negative attitudes towards gaming culture. We should have passed this phase by now, and most of us have. Gaming is growing up and stuff like that video belongs in a bygone era.

Plus the backing music was crap too.

Source: Youtube



  1. she does have a nice chest though

    • Credit where credit is due! I agree. :P

  2. The whole thing, music, the way it was shot/edited etc. seems completely amateur and cringeworthy.

  3. Swedish women though, <3

  4. A couple of decades out of date!

  5. I don’t know about this. Starbreeze rejected this so what’s happened is good to see. At the conceptual stage, ideas are going to be coming from everywhere at times (whether for games, books, films, adverts, etc) so this one was one of those ideas. They angled the sex-sells option to Starbreeze and it was turned out. Good, it was naff, anyway. However, let’s not go overboard on this. If they ran the ad perhaps they could’ve done a blokes version too! You know… a bit of equality in the marketplace.

  6. I dont see what the fuss is about. Some stupid advertising company made the video, Starbreeze rightly rejected it. Why are people casuing a fuss and having a go at Starbreeze?

    • With you all of the way. Sex sells. We all know that. If it’s used sensibly then that’s fine. This piece of crap, above, didn’t even make it to air and was rightly axed. However, if they’d carried it out in a slightly less slutty way and included guy versions for everyone else it’d be fine. Well… then there’s the transgender crowd. Ah, hell, it’s all so messy these days! :-)

    • i don’t think Starbreeze are to blame here, but i don’t think overkill can weasel out of it.

      any claim that they knew nothing rings false when the models are touring the studio with a camera crew.

  7. I usually am not bothered by the sexism in the games industry (and secretly miss booth babes). This, however, is trash.

  8. they’re distancing themselves from it because it’s sexist?

    or because it has women in it?
    unlike the game. o_O

    and overkill studios had nothing to do with it?
    having three models wandering around with a camera crew is such an everyday occurrence they they didn’t even notice them?

  9. An article that is about woman being used to sell games and Tuffcub had nothing to do with it!? That’s impossible! He is TSA’s smut reporter. :O

    I’m glad they rejected it as it sends out the wrong message and i have a policy of if it uses sex to sell, avoid it as it’s usuall crap 99.7% of the time. Seriously, what do Swedish woman have to do with the game? O-o No, seriously what does sex have to do with a bank robbing game? it makes no sense. Seriously, who came up with the idea for this rejected promotion? That would be like Acti using Mario to advertise COD.

  10. Couldn’t hey choose a better music for this? It just made it all the worst.

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