Meet the Reader: SpikeyMikey23

You’ve been a part of TSA for a couple of years, now. How did you come across the site, and why did you decide to sign up?

I came across TSA when looking for store updates. I’d type in store update and TSA was near the top every time. So I used to check back every thursday for the update. After a couple of months I decided to have a look around TSA and noticed their love for Killzone 2. It hadn’t been released yet but there was so much love for it. I decided to check the forums for what people were saying about it.

Previous to this, I would mostly play CoD4 so didn’t really spare much time for TSA, but when I noticed the clan threads I decided to join up so I could get involved. I didn’t join the clan, but joined boots from time to time, and after I signed up I became hooked. The community were awesome and welcoming, and it wasn’t long before I’d deleted all the CoD4 randoms I never bothered with and started adding people who are still on my list today.

So it’s pretty safe to say the community is what keeps you coming back for more? What’s the TSA-er you reckon you’d most like to meet?

Yeah, definitely. The news is always on time and up to date, and the features are excellent, but for me it’s always the community that kept me coming back. Very few fanboys and fire starters and its great that staff are also heavily involved. With regards to TSA-ers I’d like to meet, that’s a tough one…

It would be cool to have a sit down with the guys who were in the F1 champ, like yourself, Spoof, Matty, Gazo and all the guys that took part. That was an awesome comp, and because most of us had microphones then, it made it even more fun.

Yeah, I had a great time in the F1 champ too. It was one of our first competitions we ran after the Community Team was formed. Would you say that’s your favourite competition TSA’s run, or has there been a better?

That’s the main one I’ve been involved with. The team do a great job with comps and challenges, my problem is finding time to give them a real go. With the F1 champ, it was more a case of be there on time. I did put a bit of practice into it, messing with car set ups and that but because it was only an hour or so a week, it wasn’t too time consuming. The champ was fantastic though. 10 races (was it?) filled with excitement, crashes, dodgy overtakes etc, couldn’t ask for more.

Yeah 10 races… Almost felt like a full season! Moving on from your favourite competition, what’s your favourite regular or semi-regular TSA feature? Any old features you miss?

I used to enjoy the Abridged Too Far series. Also the WeView feature that is just starting to build momentum, I like being able to give my opinion on a game after I’ve had a chance to fully experience it. Another favourite was the TSA Top 100 of 2011, such a lot of work put into that, it was great! I haven’t long started listening to the podcasts, so I’ve got quite a lot to catch up on but they are also enjoyable. I would also like to request that Tuffcub bring back his Smut Watch with father bear! DO IT!

Would also like to mention the stirling job that Skibadee does in the trophy forum, he gets little recognition for that. I also miss Zuler’s trophy round ups.

So, basically everything, then! You did fall into my cunningly laid trap by mentioning the podcast which brings me to a new twist on an age old question: Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother – Peter, Lewis, Kris.

Haha, yeah it’s all great!

Thats a tough one, Tef. Can I be polygamous with all three?

Haha, I’ll take that answer!


Well that’s all the questions I have for you. Any final words?

A few final words. Keep up the good work everyone involved with TSA. Dan, I will get round to finishing Enslaved some day and last but not least – this crack is really morish! (Had to get a Super Hans quote in there)

Thanks to SpikeyMikey23 for being our guinea pig for this feature, and also to SolidSteven for suggesting it.
Don’t forget to sign up in the forums, if you’re interested in being the next interviewee!

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  1. My name is Earl is awesome :D I’ve only just got into it so I’ve got loads to watch. Also, I wish I joined in with the F1 champ, could have got to know some of you guys better. Anyway, good read!

  2. Great feature, nicely done guys!

  3. Nice article, and nice idea. However, as a Reading fan still tasting the bitterness of the defeat last Monday, you could have picked a better candidate… ;)

    Agree with the TSA Top 100 bit too, that was a great feature, fully worth the mammoth effort put in!

    • It was a cracking match, thought we were screwed when you scored 2 and then hit the post. Credit to reading fans, it was a great day out!

  4. I like to think my taste in TV shows is the greatest of all time, on that note.
    Watch Dexter, The Killing & like SpikeyMikey.. Nothing is better than The Sopranos .. Greatest show of ALL TIME.

    • Dexter is brilliant, literally the only show I’ve been into for years.

    • I assume the original Danish version of The Killing? That was damned brilliant through and through. The last few episodes had me totally off balance, though I had posited the killer to myself much earlier in the series.
      Must watch show.

    • Dexter is fantastic.
      I’m into Game of Thrones at the moment though, but everything else will be dumped as soon as new episodes of Dexter hit the internet!

  5. I was wondering how my idea would turn out. An excellent article. I wish My name is earl wasn’t cancelled. It seems most of my favorite shows always gets cancelled.T-T Well done to the mods and well done to Spikemikey for being their guinea.*raises Tea*

    • Nice idea Steven, well done! *raises glass*
      For me, the best US comedy i had seen for years was Arrested Development and i was a bit gutted when it was cancelled but sometimes the best shows only last a few seasons. The League of Gentlemen is another example. It’s part of why they don’t lose their appeal over time.

    • cheers fella

    • Great idea Steven.

    • Thanks guys,I may have a few more good ideas that i saving for a rainyday and when TSA runs out of ideas.Teflon and the mods may kill me for creating more work for them though.:OP

  6. Always good to see the community getting featured and SpikeyMikey is a good place to start. I always enjoy being in meets with him as he is always entertaining.

    I too rented Box Office Bust and it was fun for an hour but then it started getting on my nerves. I loved the original game on PC though.

    • The original games on the pc were great, that was before internet porn though. Kinda negated it in a way haha

  7. Good community feature, hopefully it’ll be going for a good time as i enjoy these.
    It was always a right laugh in the F1 races and spikeymikey was hilarious….happy days!
    I’m sure F1 2011 will be good laugh too so i’m looking forward to that! :)

    • I can’t wait! got it pre-ordered already! good times!

  8. Like you, Abridged Too Far is still my most favourite feature that was on TSA, along with the Time Travelling Microwave!
    I really need to play COD with you sometime, it was only the other day I saw your 4.5 KDR in MW2! D:

    • I’d forgotten about the microwave, they need to bring that back!

    • I wish that was my real KDR. I was in a hacked lobby and didnt get out in time, Ended up having that KDR and all the challenges unlocked. Kinda ruined it for me.
      Although my KDR was a healthy 1.54 before the hack.

  9. lovley/lovly (have forgotten the spelling!!!!) aricle! =)
    my name is earl was excellent indeed and i also liked the top 100 games of 2011… great effort on that one guys=)

  10. Nice one teflon & Spikey, great article. Think we first raced in Grid Meets which were also good fun.

    • I was more or less last as per usual ;) same with F1….

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