Forbes Leak New “God Of War” Game For PS3

God of War is one of Sony’s biggest brands, with top tier games across the PS2, PS3 and PSP (Ghost of Sparta is considered by some, including us, to be the best God of War game).

So it’s with great excitement that we read an E3 preview from Forbes this morning that states Sony have another God of War game locked for E3 – this is a wicked, albeit most welcome, surprise.


“I was able to get hands-on time with most of Sony’s big games before E3 2011,” says the article.  “Sony’s press conference will announce some additional titles, including a new God of War 3D adventure.”

The article then goes on to talk about the five big already announced games, like Uncharted 3.

Via GAF.



  1. Ghost of Sparta ftw!

  2. God Of War 3D, Wooo what a great time to own a 3DTV.

  3. That is great news to read!! :)

  4. I’ll have to see if my local pub will let me take my PS3 round and hook it up to their 3D tv when this comes out.

  5. I’m guessing this was meant to be one of Sony’s big announcements. God i hate leaks.

  6. Is it wrong that I really hope this title isn’t about Kratos? He is the man and all but his story is finished. Hope they blow everyones mind and give us a new anti-hero. Maybe something in Norse mythology along the lines of Rune from years ago. That would be incredible with the GOW 3 engine

    • I agree, Kratos is done… I really hope they bring something else to the table. Moving on from Ancient Greek mythology would be great

      • You can’t have God of War without Kratos. It’s him that makes the games. I don’t think entering into another mythology is a good idea either. Just make a whole new IP if this is the direction. imo :)

      • I really hope they dont bring in a new mythology, its all gonna be way too similar. I’d rather they left it than bring a new one in. Perhaps if they introduced a new character who was a bit different but still fits into the universe it would be okay, though i’m happy for kratos to come back.

  7. HD remakes of the PSP titles or like Darksidesystems says, a different mythology like Norse/germanic, Egyptian, Aztec/Maya or mayhem Indian…. either way Happy Panda!

    • Panda Of War FTW!

      • Panda of War would be amazeballs. It clearly is the next game in the series. “Transformed into a panda by the capricious gods, Wei Ming fights for his country, his village, his family in Tang Dynasty China. Unleash feasome Panda attacks and harness the power of sacred bamboo.”

  8. Would love to see Kratos before he got seriously involved with those big nasty Gods, back in the day when he was just a regular soldier hanging out with his Spartan buddies.

  9. Hopefully they announce another retro throwback like twisted metal, a few new IPs and some sequels.

  10. It was a fairly strong rumour anyway, I wonder how they’ll make the next game different enough to get people interested.

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