Forza 4 Coming Oct 11th

Turn 10’s upcoming Forza Motorsport 4 just had its 15 seconds of fame during Microsoft’s E3 press event. There was not much on show apart from some pretty rendered graphics that we have seen before in trailers and a few seconds of in-game racing.


The game’s Kinect integration received the obligatory mention with voice control and the previously revealed head tracking both getting particular mention.  There was no steering-with-Kinect on display.

A few other key facts shown were that over 80 manufacturers will be represented, that the game will be released on Oct 11th (in the U.S.) and, most intriguingly, that it will be receiving monthly expansions.  No indication of what those expansions might be was given.



  1. Forza. Sit watch pd then emulate badly. Lol.

    • so true

    • I’m sorry, the last thing I want is to get in to a 360 vs ps3 or GT vs Forza battle but I’d love to know what you’ve built the foundation of that argument on.

      Forza has had a game launch every two years like clockwork since last gen so there’s been no ‘sitting’ (unlike GT that waited like 6 years between titles). Emulate? What are they doing in this title that they haven’t done before now that GT is doing? Headtracking? Emulate badly? That’s why Forza 3 collectively scored a lot higher than GT5, right?

      Bah, what am I thinking, it’s obviously because MS paid off all the reviewers, right? ;-)

      • Agreed Forza does it’s own thing, the only reason Forza and GT are compared against each other so much is because they are exclusives to the two consoles. Personally I think Grid is much more comparable to Forza, and perhaps R-Factor on the PC compares well to GT.

  2. All this kinect voice control, makes kinect look like a VERY expensive microphone.

    • A very shiny black microphone.

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