Halo 4 Officially Announced

As leaked earlier in the day, Halo 4 was officially announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Whilst not the biggest surprise after the initial leak, Microsoft showed a short teaser trailer to round off their press conference.


It looks like things are going to pick up from the Legendary mode ending of Halo 3, and from the Halo: Legends anime, with the teaser kicking off by showing Master Chief emerging from cryogenic suspension on the Forward Onto Dawn after being urgently awakened by Cortana. After a quick, Dead Space-esque escape from the ship (which seemed to be falling to bits at an alarming rate) the Chief emerges into space to see some sort of large craft looming over him and his stricken vessel. If my description leaves you wanting more, here’s the trailer in full.


Speaking at the event, Phil Spencer (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios) also confirmed that Halo 4 will launch a new trilogy for the Halo series, presumably with 343 Industries on development duties. It looks like Halo is going to stay embedded as one of Microsoft’s core properties for some time to come.

Thanks to DrFreeman for the full trailer.



  1. Here’s the actual trailer:


    • Sorry to double post but it’s confirmed 343 Industries is working on it at the end of the above trailer. Looks interesting though!

  2. What? Really?
    I do think halo’s time has passed. That said this game will still make a heap of money

  3. Well, this will be interesting…….


  5. Surely having a ‘4’ in the title should prevent them from coining it as a new trilogy?

    It’ll be interesting to see how the 343 game stands up, and whether it’s the name or the game that makes Halo attractive.

    • It just means that 343 have at least a three-game plot arc mapped out; I’m sure they could fit it all into one game, but one game tends to make less money than three.

  6. Green team will be pleased…

  7. Immediately announcing that it’s going to be a new trilogy makes me think they stretched 4’s story to spread it over 3 games. Sequels should also mean that each iteration brings new features/characters/modes in at least the single player mode.
    The idea of already announcing it as a trilogy makes me want to think it should have been an episodic single player campaign releasing them as DLC and not new retail releases.

  8. I am really skeptical if 343 can pull this off.

    • As am I. Bungie were a great studio and the Halo franchise has seen some great games, I just find it hard to believe anything made by these guys will be able to compare.

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