Microsoft Mistake Leaks Halo 4?

We’re not sure this was meant to go live just yet. The community E3 blog site has posted a graphic listing the biggest news and a link that, for the moment, redirects to the main E3 site. But the image, and sub headline, for that item is about Halo 4.

So, I guess that’s one previously unannounced (although heavily expected) title locked in for tonight’s show. How many more to come?


There’s also a video detailing some of the Kinect Fun Labs content hinted at by that domain registration. After completing my SilverLight installation, the video and the content in the below image have gone. Oops.

Update: I swapped out the original image crop for a better one that also confirms Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2 and that Halo: Combat Evolved remaster that we’ve been hearing rumoured.

Source: via NowGamer



  1. Oops.


    Also leaked was Halo 1 HD, Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2

    • Everything thats been mentioned before though. Hope theres more stuff than that.

    • Yeah, saw Halo HD there aswell. Big oopsie.

    • No new IP’s? I thought microsoft would have pushed the boat out considering recent 3rd party and Playstation successes…
      Although knowing E3, they’ll have alot more announcements held back for it so their conference doesn’t look empty!

  3. Oh Microsoft. *Covers face*

  4. Wheres my new games :”(?

  5. *waves*

  6. Interesting.

  7. Halo 4 and God of War 4 then.

  8. May I venture an ‘Epic’ and a ‘Fail’ for Mr. Microsoft?

  9. I’ve stopped hoping there will ever be a great Halo game. Halo is the one series I can’t agree with the game critics about. I’d rather see a new IP from Microsoft than a sixth Halo game.

  10. Haha. Presumably this is why Apple take their sites offline a little bit before their press conferences. Stops this kind of slip up…

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