Neverdead: 8 Minutes Of Gameplay

Konami have released a video featuring just under eight minutes of game play taken from ‘Neverdead’. The USP for Neverdead is that you can lose your limbs whist playing but can re-attach them by rolling in to them.

You play as a wise cracking human demon hunter, named Bryce, who was cursed with immortality five-hundred years ago by a demon king. He teams up with the present day demon hunter, Arcadia and proceeds to kick butt.

Source: YouTube



  1. Like the premise…

  2. I have to say, that looks utterly awful as a game mechanism. I couldn’t even handle more than a minute or two. Ugh.

  3. Yea the animation on the bryce character looks real awkward, the way he walks and runs is horrible looking.

  4. He moves about like he’s shat himself lol
    & as for him chucking his arm aboot……WTF :D

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