The New Xbox 360 UI

If there was one thing – aside from the lack of software – that showed how much Kinect was released before Microsoft were really ready, it was the showhorned support in the 360’s UI. Well during their E3 presser, the company have revealed a proper interface refresh for the console.


The menus (which are clearly inspired by the Windows Phone and Windows 8 UI’s) have been simplified right down to music, video, search, games, etc headings, with the content then presented in a simple (and Kinect swipe-friendly) tile format.

There’s also proper live TV on the way. It’s unclear yet what this means – Microsoft already has cable support on the 360, and over here we have a Sky app – and whether it’s a plug-in thing or over-the-web thing. Either way, you can watch live shows or content you’ve recorded.

On top of that, the whole system will be controllable using voice – Microsoft’s big push with Kinect this year. There’s a nice Bing interface too, which searches your console and the online connected services.

There’s no release date for the new UI, but given the new Kinect push, it’ll likely be in the fall update.

Update: official shots of the UI below (although missing the Home and TV panels, so I’ve kept the stream caps in the post), courtesy of Paul Thurrott.



  1. Looks sexy. Almost gave me a reason to get a 360.

  2. I’m sorry but after watching this Microsoft press conference I personally think they have lost the plot, they are alienating the hardcore even more by pushing this Kinect bull.
    Does anyone honestly use Kinect to play a game for more than an hour let alone 10 minutes before feeling completely disconnected from a game?

    • But… But.. Peter Pan!!

      Ok you’re right.

    • Do they employ people at these conferences to just cheer for the sake of making something sound good?

    • It really is cringe worthy.

      • Remember,”come on daady do it like this”. Defienetly employed. Tbh, i dont think that that was father and son.

      • maybe adopted

      • Seriously though, the kids were better actors than the adults. The stunts they tried to pull off while ‘gaming’ were absolutely terrible. I was curious to see which way they would go with Kinect but there is absolutely nothing that interests me even the slightest bit. When playing a shooter I don’t want to ‘be’ the controller. It looks more like a pain than like fun

      • just like last year those scripted demos were painful to watch.

  3. Looks more PlayStation-y

    • thats what i thought! quite XMB looking

  4. Kinect looks fun here, then i remember all my experience with my house’s one and it’s not that good.

  5. Looks like they’re trying to push the same style through all their mediums; Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 360.

  6. Looks great. Must admit I would never buy a 360 after the rrod farse.

  7. How many times has the 360’s UI changed looks drastically?
    You are starting to like the latest UI and then WHAM a new UI with a completely different look and feel.

    • I think this new UI looks a lot nicer but I still love the PS3 UI more, simple and sexy.

  8. MS can do it because they can, I hardlky doubt Sony can do this. I watched a bit of that conference I was shocked to see something like that which may convince me to buy a 360.

  9. You cannot blame MS for changing tact to try and sell as many units as possible. The trouble is all this focus of the “entertainment centre” & “family” seems to be detracting from the hardcore gamer aspect, which is what they were selling a couple of years ago and what made xbox great. It might leave some people feeling a bit pieved.

  10. My 360 has been unplugged for months, this isn’t tempting me to plug it in.

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