Tritton To Launch Exclusive Line Of Xbox 360 Headsets

If you’re the type of gamer that loves him/her some gaming headset goodness and you also happen to own an Xbox 360, then you might want to pay attention to this piece of news. Tritton (a subsidiary of Mad Catz) has announced they’re launching a line of exclusive Xbox 360 headsets sometime this fall.

There will be three different headsets hitting retail shelves, all of them aimed at various budgets. Their top of the line set of cans comes in the form of the ‘Warhead 7.1’ which offers (you guessed it) full 7.1 wireless surround sound. Not only that but Mad Catz and Microsoft reached an agreement a little while back that allows Mad Catz to create a fully wireless chat setup on the Xbox 360. To date, Mad Catz is the only third-party company that has been allowed to do this. So when they say “fully wireless” for the Warhead, they’re not lying.


The middle-tier of their offering is called the ‘Devistator’ and like its older brother, it also offers a full 5.8ghz wireless solution. The wireless frequency is particularly notable because it won’t interfere with routers, cell phones and many other devices, unlike the sets that run on a 2.4ghz frequency. What the Devistator doesn’t offer is full surround sound, but rather just stereo sound.

Rounding out the bottom of the series is the ‘Detonator’ which offers stereo sound and a wired connection to the base unit.

All three headsets come packed with 50mm drivers so regardless of which one you pick up, you can expect a solid thump. They also all come with a similar base station that houses the headset itself. They also all include auxiliary inputs for mp3 players and other portable devices, as well as standard RCA inputs and the much fancier optical connection. If you go with one of the wireless sets, the base stations can connect up to 4 different headsets at once.

No word on an official launch date or price but Mad Catz says the top of the line unit should stay under the $300 mark, and I would guess their cheapest offering would arrive in at just under $100. You can expect all of them to hit shelves late this year.

Source: IGN



  1. I have a 5.1 Tritton headset for the PS3, they make good stuff.

  2. Are they worth those hopeful prices above?

    • They are! Have a pair of 720 pros, and love them. Might get these if money isn’t too tight.

  3. I have always wondered why headset makers create headsets for the 360 with 7.1 surround, when the 360 doesn’t support it?
    Although they look very nice !

    • Err, i haven’t looked it up ‘officially’ but I’m pretty sure it does. I know Halo Reach and ODST supported 7.1. Would be kind of weird for Bungie to throw that in if the only console the game came out on didn’t support it.

      EDIT – So I did some digging and I still can’t find an ‘official’ word. Some say yes, others say no and a few say only via HDMI but not via optical. If you know something I don’t, by all means, please share! :-)

      • It’s definitely not a setup option in the X360 menus, so I can’t see how it could possibly be an option at all. For info, I have my 360 connected via HDMI to my 7.1 amp.

        As for the Tritton headset, I hope they do a better job of build quality control than they did with the AXPro. I had a subwoofer blow out in one ear, and the mic boom was poorly designed such that any over rotation caused it to snap at the mount.

        I’ve moved on to the Turtlebeach PX5. It’s designed primarily for the PS3 but does support X360. It can accept 7.1 from the PS3 and is miles ahead of anything else I’ve tried.

      • No Xbox 360 doesn’t support 7.1 through HDMI/Optical output.

  4. For a while there I was baffled thinking it said “Tretton to launch exclusive line of Xbox 360 headsets.” As in Jack.

  5. Not too shabby…

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