Xbox Live Gets Cloud Saves

For some reason this wasn’t included in Microsoft’s recent press conference, but a letter from Xbox Live’s GM Marc Whitten posted on Engadget has announced that Xbox Live will be getting a cloud save system.

This’ll likely be for Gold users only, but does sound a lot more streamlined than the PS3’s system (for those with PlayStation Plus subscriptions). Instead of having to save, come out to the console’s menus, then sync up one-by-one, the 360’s implementation will allow you to select cloud storage straight from the save dialog.


Also announced are ‘beacons’. “We want to make it easy for you to connect with friends over your favorite games on Xbox LIVE, so we are introducing Beacons to the service,” reads the letter. “Beacons are a way to tell your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends that you want to play a game on Xbox LIVE. By setting a Beacon, you tell Xbox LIVE what you want to play. Then, Xbox LIVE lets you know when friends are playing or want to play the same game. With Beacons, no matter what you’re currently doing on Xbox LIVE your friends know that it’s ok to ask you to play your Beaconed games.”

Hopefully we’ll see a video of all the new additions to the 360 interface at some point this week.

Source: Engadget



  1. Not something I need, but can see it being useful for some. More useful on ps3 due to machine packs up & you lose everything on hd issue they have :-/ ….. haha & yes it happened to me & annoyed me

    • And me, now I always back-up my saves to mem card.

  2. The first person to spam my news feed with beacons is getting blocked.
    Still, the xbox LIVE part of beacons makes sense. I want this feature, it’d be more useful than cross game chat!

  3. I like the idea of beacons. A bit like the TSA Meets but with alternate times of when people are available.

  4. I think this would probably be more useful on PS3 due to lack of cross-game party chat but I will wait and see.

  5. This for diamond subscription?

  6. Better for PS3, I don’t see the point for Xbox.

  7. oh please dont give me anymore reasons to buy an xbox im skint and stuck with my tempermental ps3 :(

  8. I’m sure Sony will streamline the cloud-saving more in the future. It’s a bit of a hazzle n’ dazzle.

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