Behind Closed Doors With Microsoft

Love him or not, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski speaks his mind. In a behind-closed-doors roundtable with a small group of Microsoft-centric developers and a gathering of press yesterday, Bleszinski seems like the one that would cause the onlooking PR types to have sweat the most – although, ultimately, the only really mildy controversial thing he said involved Sony and their Move controller.


It was a slightly odd affair, with the aforementioned studio head joined by Kinect’s sunglasses fan Kudo Tsunoda, Rare’s softly spoken George Andreas and Dan Greenawalt from Forza developers Turn 10. The aim was to discuss Kinect and Xbox 360 in general, but most of the questions from the press just seemed to have been asked to stir up some controversy.

Like the one Greenawalt was asked about Gran Turismo, the enthusiastic question more about the ‘disappointment’ of Polyphony’s racer than the upcoming Forza 4 – I groaned, but it turned out Greenawalt’s careful response was that he had started out a GT fan but that Turn 10 were “focused” on their own game, despite “playing all the other racers.”

The energetic Cliffy B had the only line that caused a bit of a giggle, shooting down claims that he wasn’t a fan of Kinect. “It’s Move I dog on” he said, “I love Kinect – the less plastic on my coffee table, the better.” He said he wouldn’t just tack on Kinect support to something like Gears, either. He openly admitted that the team “screwed up” with the launch of Gears 2’s online, saying that he won’t make “that mistake again.”

Bleszinski also confirmed that the recent Gears of War 3 beta was “a win” and that his job, referring to casting Ice T in the game, was “pretty f*cking awesome.”

We’ll have more from Gears of War 3, Forza 4 and the rest of the line-up over the course of E3.



  1. Kudo looks like a blind man wearing those sunglasses all the time. Not a good look.

    • Only two people wear sunglasses indoors blind people and cocks! I think we all know what category he falls into.

      • Huh?

      • He has something wrong with his eyes guys and the light subjects him to terrible blinding so that’s why he wears sun glasses all the time.

        Naughty monkeys ;)

      • That cool guy on desperado, only where’s them whem he goes indoors. No 3D glasses under your christmas tree, naughty boy.

      • He wears them in the bath, i seen him!

      • If people want to wear sunglasses indoors, so what?

  2. All that plastic on my coffe table has what we gamers refer to as “buttons”

    • Does he not have a drawer set to put his Move in when he’s not using it? Now that would be controversial.

    • He meant the Move controller…

    • Since he’s had to move his coffee table into the hallway to make room for Kinect, it’s an academic statement…

  3. Seems like a pretty pointless interview!

  4. Hes a dick anyway.

  5. Guy in the purple shirt looks totally bored, like he’s seen a cat out of the window and is watching it chase birds

    • I think he’s just noticed his ex wife in the audience and is trying to work out if he’s armed or not.

  6. we’ll see how hard GT5 sucks when Forza comes out. Shift2 anyone?

  7. Cliffy you are such a twat, and one of the many reasons I wont ever own a 360 again. Lol.

  8. isn’t that knob in the shades the guy from this…

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