PlayStation website Reveals ‘PixelJunk SideScroller’

A new game in the PixelJunk franchise has been revealed over on the UK PlayStation website. Titled ‘PixelJunk SideScroller’ the description for the game reads as follows:

“Shoot, dodge and side-scroll your way through fluid-filled, techno-fuelled environments. Explore a thoroughly re-invented genre as you battle your way through unique, retro stages. Search for hidden Power Up items and upgrade your arsenal of weapons to retrofit your ship. Hop into the local co-op mode to unleash massive mayhem on hordes of unsuspecting enemies.”

Our man Nofi is either on the show floor today, or passed out somewhere from exhaustion. If it’s the former then hopefully he can get some hands-on with this.

Source: GAF



  1. I’m checking it out tomorrow. I saw it at the presser today but didn’t have time to actually play. It looks interesting, like PJ Shooter but neon looking.

    • Could you see if you can also find out anything about the PixelJunk music visualiser that was mentioned before?

  2. Too be honest as above, it just looks like a bright, neon version of Pixel Junk Shooter. That may not be a bad thing but I’d like to see where it is different otherwise it is simply a different art style but the same game.

    • My thoughts exactly. Is there not a neon bonus level at the end of Shooter 2 that looks like this? Looking at those pictures it looks like the same ships too.

  3. Yes, this was briefly shown during the various montages at the press event, excited to learn more

  4. pixeljunk yay!

  5. You spelled PixelJunk wrong in the first sentence. :)
    I have yet to play a single PixelJunk game… Shooter looks pretty nice and techno-fuelled environments dounds pretty nice!

    • I’d recommend PJ Monsters or PJ Shooter, they’re among the best games on PSN. PJ Eden only if you have a few spare controllers and TVs at home ;)

  6. PixelJunk/PixalJunk – they all ‘dound’ the same to me…. ;)

  7. Too similar to that other game with a cool level editor and also Shooter…. come on :/

    Little detail though so I hope its different

    • Gravity Crash by JAW – I thought that a bit too. Might play very differently though, you can’t tell from the screenies.

  8. Is this for PS3 or Vita?

  9. Nice, looking forward to that :) “PixelJunk SideScroller” doesn’t really sound catchy, I bet they wish they hadn’t already used the name “PixelJunk Shooter” for another game. There was an announcement that Q Games wants to show three new games on E3, what are the other two? I’m still waiting for the reveal of PixelJunk 2-1 for my E3 Bingo win ;)

  10. Ps3 or vita, im in!

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