Star Trekking On The PS3

Your PS3 will take you where no one has gone before in 2012. Star Trek the game will launch alongside the new movie in J. J. Abrams’ rebooted universe next year. Another in the growing trend of co-op titles, this has you and a friend playing as Kirk and Spock.

There have been a few rumblings about the game recently but today’s news is that, surprise, it will have Move support. Not only that though, but Paramount are releasing a Move peripheral to accompany the game styled, you guessed it, to look like one of the movie’s phasers.


The footage shown during Sony’s E3 press event was labelled as pre-alpha footage but is already looking pretty good and certainly seems to capture the look of 2009’s film.



  1. Just watched it all live, it was all pretty damn good, but this could be epic…and not to mention the Phaser shaped Move peripheral :)

    please be good.

  2. I want my phaser! Here’s hoping this game turns out actually good…

  3. I also thought it looked pretty good, although i still hanker for a Star Trek version of ME!

    • ME is kinda ST isn’t it? Shepard snogs blue aliens and everything. No different to Kirk. :)

      • True, it’s very much like ST. Perhaps there’s no room for another epic space opera game right now but i could see it happening in the future.

  4. star trek by way of mass effect?
    make it so.

    wait, wrong captain.
    khaaaaann. ^_^

  5. Whoa….

  6. Living the dream

  7. I made a prediction the other day about having a mass effect styled star trek game, i’m really glad i was partially right. I’m so looking forward to this star trek game.

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