Asura’s Wrath Gets An E3 Trailer

A new trailer for Asura’s Wrath made its way out of E3 yesterday and with it, comes a lot of anger. Certainly not from those of us waiting patiently for the game to come out, but from Asura himself. Seriously, that guy is angry.

Unfortunately, if you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Asura’s Wrath, it looks like you’re still going to be waiting for a while. After seeing it debut at TGS last year, I was hoping it would see a late 2011 launch but as this trailer shows, it’s a 2012 title.


Regardless, hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks pretty naff imo.

  2. cyberconnect 2 make great games thir looks mental

  3. I hope this isn’t just a beat ’em up game where you run from one guy to the next.

  4. Is he related to akuma?

    • I wondered the same… Still don’t know who’s this guy O_o

  5. Looks a tad like God of War. If its anything like GOW I’ll definitely pick it up.

  6. Meh, reminds me of an Anime-based Japanese brawler that got released last year. Im sure it will be fun, but the whole setup seems a little too stereotypical for my liking.

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