Nintendo 3DS E3 Trailer Catchup

If you prefer a kind of abbreviated Nintendo press event, without the orchestra or miming and you just want to know what you will be playing on your newly updated 3DS in the coming months, this is the post for you.  Here is a rundown of the key games shown.

This trailer isn’t strictly from the event having been released yesterday (I think, days are blurring together now) but Nintendo are pursuing a Zelda-everywhere kind of strategy so we may as well oblige:


Next up is last year’s 3DS poster-child who still has yet to get off the ground:

Naturally, the 3DS could not call itself a Nintendo handheld without some form of Mario game in attendance.  The 3DS does not have one yet that is going to change.

Here we have Super Mario.  There’s no subtitle or number it’s just Super Mario:

Need more Mario on your 3DS?  How about Mario Kart.  There’s no subtitle, etc.:

What do you mean still not enough Mario!  Okay, here’s one I didn’t spot in the event itself (I may have been resting my eyes) Paper Mario.  There’s no subtitle, etc.  Spotting a theme yet?

You prefer your Italians in green?  Okay, Nintendo’s got that covered too, with Luigi’s Mansion 2, the sequel to the GameCube title.  Notice this one does have a number.

You have got your 3DS system update haven’t you?  In which case Pokédex 3D will be familiar to you already:

Finally, another game I didn’t see in the event was another core Nintendo franchise Animal Crossing but Nintendo have just posted this video so I’ll pass it on.  No subtitle or number again.

I’ve looked but there is no new Starfox footage I can share with you yet.  Maybe tomorrow…



  1. Luigi’s mansion was one of my favourite gamecube titles. About time it got a sequel!

    • I was amazed there wasn’t one on the Wii. Thought it was one of the few titles that could actually be improved by using the Wiimote and nun-chuk. Still, I think the 3DS line up has blown the Wii out of the water and is only an F-Zero away from blowing my mind.

    • So glad they are doing another one. can’t wait

  2. Those Mario games didn’t look to bed.

  3. Apart from Kid Icarus and Luigis Mansion 2 (Its about time it got a sequel), history repeats itself once again for another Nintendo console :/

    • They must be doing something right as the games and consoles still sell by the million. Nintendo won’t mind at all that that history keeps repeating itself.

    • While the games are still of a great quality and review well (85%+) I don’t see any reason why they should change their approach. I can’t wait to play all of these games, especially LM2 and Star Fox :D

    • I know they won’t, but it’s only going to be doing favours for them financially, not creatively. I think it’s almost irresponsible to constantly re-release games and franchises and not try to develop new characters and experiences to stimulate the public that buy them. Games can be both successful and different, just look at thatgamecompany and Team ICO.. It’s a very easy and lazy approach to just depend on re-releases and franchises because it’s easier for people to buy them, and I don’t mind that they do because I have enjoyed some of these games before, but to not try and develop something new and different whilst they constantly update franchises is shameful (Steel Diver doesn’t count, it was a under-developed set of mini-games and they shouldn’t have released it in it’s state for tht price XD).

      • Irresponsible? To who? To you? The shareholders love it and Nintendo are in the business of making money.

        The recurring franchises like Mario, CoD, FIFA, etc., bring in the huge piles of money that let publishers take the odd risk on a new IP like Dead Space or Mirror’s Edge or the first Pikmin, or the first of any long-running franchise, or to take a gamble on new hardware like the DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U.

  4. nintendo groundhog day. yawn

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