Top Gun: Hard Lock E3 Trailer

Those of you who listen to the excellent TSA Podcast will know the team are suffering from an outbreak of limp-wristedness and consequently aren’t feeling particularly masculine. To remedy this sad situation I prescribe the following trailer from 505 games –  ‘Top Gun: Hard Lock’.

Just look at that name, Top Gun: Hard Lock, look at those butch, manly words. Grrr! Now start the trailer and listen to the guitar solo from the Top Gun theme and listen to the empowering, oh-so-manly American voice over. GRRR! You are about to become a Top Gun! Now feel the power of Kenny Loggins as the death dealing jets sweep across the skies! RAWR!

Team TSA, are you feeling masculine now? Yes! Fist pump!

Source: YouTube


  1. Burst out laughing when the voice over started speaking! I’m going to be honest but that looks c**p. No amount of the Top Gun theme will make me like this.

    • Really? I thought it was fab. Terribly cheesey, much like the film :)

      • Looking back at my earlier comment and checking out the trailer again, i think i judged the game far too harshly.

        Your right Tuffcub it’s the cheesiness of Top Gun that makes it good. Will keep my judgement untill i get hands on. :)

  2. “Hard Lock” wasn’t a misspelling was it? :-)

    Not sure that trailer showed a game either. Hope there’s some actual meat on the bones on this one as the dogfighting could be great fun.

  3. Looks great! I love fighter jet games and the PSN top gun game was decent. Is this a proper game (on a disc) or a PSN game like the last one?

  4. Any truth in the rumours of a Move/Kinect based beach volleyball sub game?

    • No but there will be an amusing ‘We Dare’ section where closet homo Tom tries to snog confirmed lesbian Kelly McGillis.

      • Day one purchase for me, then.

  5. Like the trailer but it will have to be pretty special for me to fork out for it.

  6. Right into the Danger Zone…

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