Mass Effect 3 Live-Action Trailer

In case you’re not hyped enough for Mass Effect 3 already, EA has gone and released another video for the highly anticipated title.

This time it’s a live-action trailer lasting just over one and a half minutes. It contains fictitious news broadcasts with worried presenters discussing the arrival of hostile forces flying above earth.


But instead of reading about it, why not take a look for yourself below, and then discuss your thoughts on the video, and how excited you are for the game in the comments.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6th 2012 in North America, and on the 9th of March for Europe.



  1. I started out with Mass Effect 2. I hated it because I had no idea what was going on. Then I bought the first and started to hate it because of the crappy combat.
    I don’t know, now I kind of want to give it a second chance….

    • I started out with 2 but totally understood it. Watch the comic, read the in-game journally thingy that fills you in on all the different races and planets and things and jobs a good-un.

      • In that case, i may pick up me2 next time im in town.

  2. This trailer feels somewhat out of place, given the over trailers out there for Mass Effect 3.

    • I felt that way about it at the beginning but by the end i wanted to hop aboard the Normandy and get stuck in and save the Earth! :)

  3. Live action trailers are a conplete turn off for me, they make it look like a straight to dvd trailer.

  4. Did not get on with the second one, I did only play the demo, but it just didn’t feel right.

    • demo was nothing like the actual game. I mean, it was, but it was about 1% of the enjoyment available from the actual game.

  5. Kept getting a loss of signal.
    (communication failure can only mean one thing, invasion.)

    • but if they bleed you can kill them!

      • ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL…we are the harbinger of your destruction and we don’t bleed. RELASING CONTROL..

      • Predator. Niccccce.

    • Of the body snatchers?

      • not sure about the other tw. Mine from one of the star wars movies. phantom menace i think.

      • Yarp, just before the invasion of Naboo.
        (Inner geek shining) :D

  6. This was an okay trailer but i think Bioware should stick to CGI trailers as that is what they excel at.;0) Plus i can’t wait to kill me a reaper and i will put it on my wall somehow.*reloads for Cain*

  7. This is my single number one most anticipated game that’s in development. Nothing is looking better than this, nothing!

  8. Excited – Yes! I also found this on PS3youtube earlier, live stream of the ME3 E3 demo, seven minutes.. I’m not sure if the link will work here as it’s a streaming link .. I don’t think there are any real !!SPOILERS!! but don’t follow the link if you’re worried about that. Still though , seven minutes of gameplay… :)

    • Great link, lot more than 7 minutes though! Quality video though well done.

  9. Started with the Mass Effect 2 on the PS3… Platinum-ed after 20 days. I am starting my 11th playthrough, understand everything, even though I haven’t played Mass Effect 1. Can’t wait for ME 3 !!!!

  10. They are pussies, Humans would kick their arses. Not hard at all. Plus we have ninjas.

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