Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Coming Early 2012

Speaking to NowGamer, Ubisoft has confirmed that a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta is in the works, but not until early 2012.

“The beta will be coming first quarter of 2012. The feedback of the players is very important, and every Thursday in our studio we do a ‘fresh eyes tests’, to take a step back and survey the multiplayer and get feedback from newcomers. We invite gamers in to see it back in Carolina and we take their feedback very seriously.

We have plans to integrate a lot of social features to help the bragging rights aspect or multiplayer, but we don’t yet have anything to reveal about this.”

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Ghost Recon game, so let’s hope all beta feedback is taken into account to make a stellar experience.

Source: NowGamer



  1. So a game that was suppose to be released last year is getting a beta next year, lol. We’ll see at least 3 more Assassins Creed games by the time this game ships.

  2. Did Ubi mention on which format the beta would take place?

  3. I have held onto my copy of Splinter Cell Conviction since day of release (Feb LAST YEAR I think?!) as it promised me access to the GR beta, but I finally traded it in last night. I started to read the title of this post as was panicking that the beta would be going live soon lol.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced in Jan ’09, but my excitement is slowly decreasing.
    Ubisoft have said they now want an April – March release, so that would imply the beta would probably be in January, unless they were going to delay it again.

  5. It will be round in no time :-)

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