Next Alan Wake Not Signed Yet

In an interview with Joystiq, it has been revealed that the next Alan Wake game has not yet been picked up by Microsoft. Phil Spencer, Corporate VP at Microsoft Game Studios, has told the U.S. based blog that MGS has “ongoing conversations with them” but that he doesn’t “know that they’ve signed it with anybody”.

This after last month when Remedy told us that the next Alan Wake title was in development and it wasn’t a full on sequel or DLC for the existing game. Many people have speculated that it might be a game aimed at the XBLA but aside from the fact that it’s in development, we really know nothing about it.


The Finnish studio is independent and could, theoretically, sign their game with any publisher and develop it for any platform.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Sony should nip in.

  2. For the love of all that is holy, make sure they employ someone who’s happy doing face-animation as the last Alan Wake had lip sync that was akin to watching a ventriloquist convention but without the dummies.

  3. They should remake the 1st game for PS3 in HD ( unlike the 360 version) and make the next game multiplatform.

    • Couldn’t fault the 360v graphics TBH. Enjoyed what little I played of the 1st game.
      I was late to the 360 party and bought all the good exclusives in one go. (ME2 took over and not had chance to get back to AW yet)

      Would be hyped to hear of a sequel, plus it would give me a reason to finish the 1st one…

  4. I think they should go multiplatform. I’ve said it many times but personally I feel by going 360 exclusive they made a huge mistake and missed their key audience which is mainly insalled on PS3, PSP and Wii thanks to Silent Hill. The irony is had they not cut the PS3 version in order to ‘focus on the quality’. They probably wouldn’t be in this financial mess they now find themselves in.

  5. Limbo for Alan. Maybe trinity can help lol.

  6. Time to open your pocket, Sony.
    I adored the first and would lap-up a second without hesitation. I hope Sony make a move because I’d rather not have to buy a 3rd 360 just to play the sequel. :)

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