Rayman Origins Screens Are Stunning

As a fan of platforming games, Rayman Origins was one of my highlights of E3. Featuring over 60 levels, and four player drop in/out co-op, it is already sounding like platforming heaven.

Then there are the visuals…stunning!



  1. Makes you smile, so many wonderful colours. I’m glad it’s going full retail release :)

  2. Beautiful. It looked even better in motion too; makes me happy to see games like this being made.

  3. Looks so great. Can’t wait.

  4. Wow that actually looks really really nice. It’s funny because that’s basically how I remember the original PS1 Rayman looking, but a quick Google search tells me it’s quite the upgrade: http://s.uvlist.net/l/y2006/08/26083.jpg

    • I used to play it on the sega saturn XD *looks under the bed* I still have it!

  5. Rayman was very cruel…. I mean I died alot, you had to collect lives in order to survive or use xploder which worn off after another effing helicopter level. >.<, it was the Demons Souls of 1995….

    No continues or GTFO…..

    • That’s how I remember Rayman too. Brutally unforgiving! I never made it through but I still love the old gameplay.

  6. The art-style reminds me of the old Earthworm Jim games. Looks good.

    • I never realised, it really does :/ hehe

  7. Wow, love it…

    • Graphics look even better in the trailer :)

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