Duke Nukem’s PR Company Calls Out Reviewers

The Redner Group, apparently responsible for ‘PR’ for Duke Nukem Forever (although not in Europe) has hit out at reviewers for their Duke Nukem scores over Twitter.

The Tweet, which has since been deleted, said “too many went too far with their reviews” and that the company is “reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t.”  A pretty nasty tactic.


There’s been an apology since.  “I have to apologize to the community,” it said. “I acted out of pure emotion. I will be sending each of you a private apology.”

Duke’s publisher, 2K Games, had nothing to do with this whole thing, according to later tweets from the same firm.

TheSixthAxis scored the game 5/10.

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  1. it’s not a good game, if it was an FPS based on a new IP no one would be buying it.

    the PR guys are trying to get as many sales as they can before people catch on to how crap it is

  2. Any publicity is good publicity springs to mind and very welcome I’d imagine. The game has sold well, as it’s topped a few retailer charts from what I’ve seen and for good measure you can’t beat a good “Dummy outta the Pram” session :P

  3. 5 out of 10 eh? No more games for you then!

    Seriously, what a stupid thing to tweet…

  4. Just had a look at Metacritic and 1up gave it 0! I can understand the PR getting pissed at that.

    • Ha! What, are they suggesting that DNF is so bad, they’re pretending like it didn’t actually happen – that it’s not really a game?

      • Er, 1up gave the game a F, which Metacritic transcribed as a “0” since it’s a non-standard score (grades rather than scores). If any game deserves an F, it’s Duke Nukem: Forever.

  5. What has really bugged me about the whole Duke Nukem thing is that anyone with anything negative to say about the game seems to have been set upon by the fans as stoic, CoD worshipping Devil spawn.

    I find it disturbing what DNF can get away with simply because “it’s Duke”. Squidinc is right, I wonder where the defence would be if this was a new IP.

  6. Hey, it’s by no means a great game, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a trip down memory lane with the Duke. If it were a new IP I’d really feel like I wasted my money, but being a fan of the original, it really is great to get to enjoy the same crazy game with the Duke’s attitude. That said, I can’t see anyone enjoying this game who wasn’t brought up on the original. Alien invasion! We need a plan! Oh wait, Duke Nukem IS the plan!

    • I have to agree fully with this, if it were a new IP it would have failed drasticly. But the trip down memory lane was well worth it

    • Have to agree with this. Speaking as a huge fan of DN64 I really started enjoying myself when I looked past the ho-hum visuals etc. “I’ve got balls of fail” :D

    • Same here, it’s a mixed bag for sure quality wise and people naturally expected everything to be much more polished after all the development time but after struggling with some of the earlier sections i’ve been finding the gameplay pretty solid and enjoyable since.
      This game is definitely worth a play, deserved slighty better overall rating imo but i’m playing it anyway for the Duke-ness! :)

    • enjoying it as well.

  7. I have to admit, after hating the 360 version, I played the PC version last night and actually found myself enjoying it. For starters the visuals are a lot better and the gameplay just felt a bit more responsive. The little extras such as driving the RC, etc do a nice job of splitting up the standard FPS shoot outs and, while the humour is crass, at the same time its classic Duke and kept a smile on my face.
    Not the best game in the world by a long way but certainly more enjoyable than a lot of other games out there right now :)

  8. It must be a pretty shocking game IMO based on the review on TSA.

    • I would say a score of 1 or 2 would be shocking. A 5 is just average.

      • well ok yes I agree with that. What I meant to say is that I appreciate and always use TSA reviews before purchasing, and based on what has been scored so far, anything below a 7 that I have played is normally pretty rubbish.

  9. So (before the apology), the thought was to try & ‘engineer’ review scores by sending it out to those that reviewed it well & they thought that they would let everyone know this? Not the best tactic I have ever seen!
    At least they saw sense in the end & have issued an apology.

    • I would say it’s probably not an uncommon tactic to try to engineer review scores but somewhat foolish to put it in writing.

      • Yeah, i agree – I just found it utterly bizarre to announce that is what you are going to be doing! :S

    • is some gave it a 0 I can see why they were pissed.

      • To be accurate mate, only one review on metacritic was listed as scoring a ‘0’.

      • & that also seems to come down to metacritics scoring system – It’s actually rated an ‘F’ on the site (which is still poor & probably poorer than it actually deserves, but certainly not a ‘0’).

  10. What did they expect when they release a below average game, take it like the man that you betray

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