X-Men: Destiny Gameplay Trailer Launched

A gameplay trailer for X-Men: Destiny is in. Develped by Silicon Knights, the game allows you to take control of the child of a “human zealot” that sees mutants as “nature’s greatest mistake”.  From there, you’ll have a choice of three different candidates, who have all been “officially integrated into the X-Men cannon.

Things aren’t going to be easy, as you will be put up against many tough decisions throughout the game that will likely alter the traits of your character.  Not only that, but you’re even going to be able to warp the powers of your own mutant by gathering the genes of other mutants.

Source: CVG



  1. It might be just me but this looks rubbish, the graphics alone look shocking and the trailer does nothing to make it look half decent.

    • It will be a rent at best from me.

  2. Sounds kinds of interesting, but does not look good. Also if this meant to be canon in some way, why is Nightcrawler in it? He died like two years ago.

    • Comic characters are always coming back from the dead.

    • Did you actually just call canon on an X-Men title? Especially in relation to character death?

      X-Men have an average life-expectancy of a suicidal fruit-fly. And they ALL die. And they ALL come back. Cyclops, Colossus, Jean Grey (who actually has a patent on X-Men death at this rate, she’s so good at it.)

  3. Agreed, that looks rough. What console was that from?

  4. Those graphics do not look good.

  5. i was thinking, of all the powers, i’d go for wolverine’s healing factor first.
    and that reminded me of this.

  6. Not good looking but hopefully the power swapping and gameplay will make up for it

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