X-Men Destiny, Spider-Man: Edge of Time Dated

Activision has announced North American dates for X-Men Destiny and Spider-Man: Edge of Time. You can pick up X-Men on September 27th, with Spider-Man fans having to wait a few days more until October 4th.

A new X-Men trailer can be found below.


Source: Joystiq 1, 2



  1. Can’t wait for these games

  2. I still haven’t picked up Shattered Dimensions. Looks pretty decent but it has held its price well. Yes, I am a cheapskate!

    • I’ve been waiting for it’s price to drop too.

      • I got it on the 2 for £20 in gamestation a couple months back brilliant game, the Noir Spiderman are my favorite levels.

      • Gonna get that and bf2.

    • Blockbuster brought that one by. Didn’t get all the way through it but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The Noir levels were excellent but each style was fun to play and felt unique. I have considered picking it up at a good price and polishing off the rest of the campaign.

  3. I just hope that each are worth playing… I haven’t bought a X-Men/Spiderman since the PS2 days.

  4. Really hope that these games will not be rubbish.

  5. september eh?
    i was expecting nearer to christmas or even early 2012, have to start saving my pennies for the x-men game.
    mind you, those are american dates, but activision usually get their games out the same week at least in europe don’t they?

    i’m really interested in the x-men game, not so much the spider-man one.
    a spider-man game needs to be open world, so you have the freedom to swing anwhere, like spider-man 2.

    incidentally, the official amazing spider-man trailer is online.
    it looks pretty good, and there’s an awesome, almost went for amazing, first person webswinging bit at the end.

    • Thanks for the link, it looks amazing. I’m assuming the first person part means we’ll be viewing this in 3D.

      • yeah it’ll be 3d.

        hopefully they’re filming it in 3d and not converting it in post, because some of those post converted films can look bloody awful.

  6. Big X-Men fan so Destiny will be a day one buy. This and Resistance are going to eat my entire budget in September. Then Battlefield in October, whew. And they wonder why games like Shadows Of The Damned perform so poorly.

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