Webs Galore In Spider-Man: Edge of Time Combat Trailer

Activision has launched a new Spider-Man: Edge of Time promo video to coincide with the American release of the game.

Edge of Time sees a variety of your favourite web-slingers team up across time to save the world/universe/future (delete where appropriate).



It’s due to release in Europe on 14th October.

Source: Youtube



  1. Looking okay, but at this time of the year okay isn’t good enough. Especially this year.

  2. That actually looks pretty good :)
    May be one to pick up later in the year!

  3. Looks weird to play as Spidey when confined to platforms, rooms or hallways.

    I highly doubt that I’ll ever even try this one out if they put up a demo.

  4. Is that Anti-Venom at the end? Don’t know much about him, but I agree with scavenga above, platforms, rooms or hallways are not what I really want out of a Spidey game. I want a fully open-world New York City!

  5. I hadn’t even heard of this game!

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