X-Men: Destiny “Powers” Trailer Released

A new trailer for X-Men: Destiny has been released, showing off new characters and explosions. The game will allow you to take control of the child of a “human zealot” that sees mutants as “nature’s greatest mistake”.  From there, you’ll have a choice of three different candidates, whom have all been “officially integrated into the X-Men cannon.”

Furthermore, you’re going to be put up against many tough decisions throughout the game that will likely alter the traits of your character.  Not only that, but you’re even going to be able to warp the powers of your own mutant by gathering the genes of other mutants.


Check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube



  1. sooooooooo… there is only 3 different powers to choose from??

    • It doesn’t look particularly flashy. Hopefully the powers expand outwards in interesting ways, like Prototype and (occasionally) Infamous.

  2. dear god…
    i really hope this is more like inFamous and less like a HacknSlash

  3. errrr…… I don’t know about this one, just doesn’t excite me at all. So will wait for a review on this.

    • Ugh. That looks a little average. Both graphically and from a gameplay perspective.

  4. can’t i get wolverine’s powers first?

    healing would be bloody useful.
    and the claws would be nice.
    healing first though, get the claws without the healing?

    i’m looking forward to seeing more of this one, hopefully there’ll be a demo.

  5. Would really like a demo for this one. Really want it to be good though.

  6. Love the X-Men. This game is shaping up nicely. To all those worried about only 3 powers, they do upgrade and expand. This game is going to have great depth. Can’t wait. Need now!

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