18,000 EA Accounts Compromised

In what seems to be a daily occurence, BioWare has confirmed the loss of data for 18,000 EA accounts.

The following has been posted by BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn:


“Yesterday (June 14), we learned that a hacker gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare community server system associated with the Neverwinter Nights forums.  We immediately took appropriate steps to protect our consumers’ data and launched an ongoing evaluation of the seriousness of the breach.

We have determined that no credit card data was compromised, nor did we ever have or store sensitive data like social security numbers.  However hackers may have obtained information such as user account names and passwords, email addresses, and birth dates of approximately 18,000 accounts–a very small percentage of total users.

We have emailed those whose accounts may have been compromised and either disabled their accounts or reset their EA Account passwords. If you did not receive an email from us, or if your password still works for your EA account, your username and password were not compromised.  Nevertheless, changing your password regularly is always helpful to protect your account.”

At this point in time the only person on the internet who hasn’t got my password is me.

TheSixthAxis reminds all readers that passwords should be unique to each site and service you use.  You change your TSA password (or email address) at any time by clicking here.

Source: BioWare via VG247



  1. Hack here, Hack there, these ‘people’ need to get out. Enjoy life….

  2. The fucking pieces of shit hackers need to die. This is now beyond a fucking joke. FFS stop fucking hacking every goddam thing. That’s it,hackers are now the biggest arseholes on the interenet. Well done hackers.

    • I apologise for this comment. I was full of rage when i posted it. :(

      • No apology needed fella

      • instead you deserve a golf clap * applauds*

      • I liked your first comment more ;-)

    • Black angel, I call you! King Chaos is raging
      in the torment of my heart…
      I call the holy earthquake to end this bloody hell….!


      • Understandable, your not alone.

      • thank god, it was a quote :3 mwaahaha

  3. *Sigh*

  4. i heard some great news, apparently lulzsec are going to try hacking the cia next.

    the only sad thing is we wont get to hear about when they get sent to guantanamo bay.

    • How did you know about that? It actually happened! :/ You’re in on it, aren’t you O___O

      • it was on n4g.

        i’m not affiliated with those guys… honest. >_>

    • Well, they went ahead and did it. Heard it on the radio on my way into work this morning…

    • As far as I know trying to hack the government in the US is (now?) viewed as an act of war against the country. At least the hacking will be over then because they will all be picking up soap in prison. :D

      • not sure if it is like that yet but the US definitely want hacking to be included as part of their terrorism laws.

  5. What’s that Vera (shotgun), you want blood? Me too, me too.

    I love the smell of possible murder in the morning…

  6. I’m way beyond caring. Does it really matter anymore?

  7. WTF are they not hacking the one company that deserves it….Activiosn!!!

    • Classy.

    • mate no one deserves it. then you make there weak arguments stand up as well :(

    • Well many view Activision as the dark overlord of teh kingdoms of the gamez. They maybe very successful in selling the same game every year but…. they don’t deserve it.

      • I’d have thought Acti will be well versed in security through their vast experience with WoW and of course Battle.net tying together Starcraft & Diablo and between them they hold vast numbers of customer details and importantly payment details – not just log-on which most companies seem to have.

        However, every system has a weak link, so hopefully they’ve made it as difficult as possible.

        As far as ‘one game’ goes. Sure, they produce & publish the biggest entertainment franchise in the world, but they also shift a few copies of their licensed products like X-Men, Transformers, James Bond & Spiderman along with their own stuff like Prototype, Singularity and of course the recently ‘rested’ Guitar/Band/DJ Hero games. So they’re pretty far from a one title studio, particularly with their dominance in the pay monthly PC arena

  8. This is really beginning to hack me off.

  9. One day they’ll hack a honeypot and then they will feel the wrath of the man. I just hope they do it sooner rather than later.

  10. The only good thing to come out of all this is hopefully sites containing confidential user data will increase their defences against such attacks. However these hackers are just getting cocky and soon will hit something they cannot handle and then be caught.

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