PS3 “Secure Again” – Hacker

As mentioned this morning, it would appear that firmware 3.60’s big talking point – cloud based game saving – is just the cherry on top of what appears to be the real driving force behind Sony’s intentions with its latest update. The PS3 is now secure again. At least, that’s according to Youness Alaoui, KaKaRoToKS on Twitter, and the author of PSFreedom, a custom firmware for the PS3. Commenting on the security holes Sony appear to have now plugged, Alaoui states:


Wow, in 3.60, Sony removed all the loaders, no more isoldr/lv1ldr/lv2ldr/appldr.. but they added lv0.2! Seems they found a way to secure ps3.

He goes on to deride Sony’s original security set up, stating:

Their previous errors were epic fails, it doesn’t mean they can’t do an epic save either.. they seem to have fixed all the issues they had. For now, it looks to me (at first glance) that the ps3 has been resecured, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be broken again from scratch..

The modder ends with the news that he has no interest in poking holes in Sony’s new software for more exploits. He claims:

I don’t really care about breaking the PS3, I’m fine with what we have so far. I will NOT work on it!! 3.55 was great, people that love homebrew (including me) will stay there, everyone else will update, sounds like a fair balance.

You know what we’re going to say next. TheSixthAxis does not condone invalidating your warranty by sticking toast or anyone’s custom firmware in your PS3. You also won’t be able to send your saves into the cloud. And that’s just awesome, man.

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  1. I’m loving the one-liners hidden in the pictures in most stories now. This is one of the finest examples.
    Also, good to see Sony on top of things. Great idea sticking this in with the game save cloud stuff.

    • Haha, I didn’t see that. I will fanatically check every picture from now on!

    • The one liners have been there for ages, guess you have only found them.
      Really nice to see that they have made it secure again, for now!

    • You have some catching up to do. There are about 1,000 of them.

      • I’ve spotted most of them. You can’t beat me!

    • Is the cloud saving a PSN+ deal? Also, they should put our psn names on a service that would allow two psn names in one game. ie, local fifa or gt5

    • What do you mean one-liners??

      • Hold your mouse over the main picture to reveal the secret.

  2. Great news!

  3. Is it Geohot proof?

    • hes more worried about jail at the moment.

      • Haha, A ‘jailbreak’ wont help him there! ;) ……. sorry I couldnt resist

      • lol nice one.

  4. Seems the PS3 now has Tiger blood.

  5. Seems the PS3 now has Tiger blood.

    • Uh oh. Double post.

      • That’s what Tiger Blood does to you.

      • If that’s the case I recommend taking some before spending the night with some fit bird – almost like 2 for 1

      • That’s because you are bi-posting

      • Someone hide the Machete from him.

  6. Great news. Love the headline

  7. *raises flag*
    For Sony!

  8. Now they should start adding more and more features in newer firmware updates. ^^

  9. Just how tight is a frogs arse?

    • Ask the monkey from the Honolulu Zoo!

    • If I told you how I knew I would be arrested.

    • A frogs arse? watertight surely?!

      • Not as tight as the wife’s grip on our money every time I show her a new gadget I would like to buy.

      • show her some shoes then act swiftly…shoes=release grip+quick hands=gadget money

        should work a treat.

  10. Superb news. Well done Sony!

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