PS3 Firmware 3.60 Lands, Any Secrets?

Sure, the big thing PS3 Firmware 3.60 brings us this morning might be the cool new cloud saving for PlayStation Plus owners – and at 92 comments at the time of writing it’s clearly a big deal – but that can’t be the only thing, can it?

Well, it looks like it might be apart from one minor tweak – despite past Firmware updates bringing all kinds of undocumented secrets to the table, 3.60 seems to do little else apart from give Plus users the chance to back-up their save games – most of them anyway, some games aren’t yet compatible with the new service.


Still, we’re hearing this morning from sources that suggest 3.60 has a revamped security structure – words like ‘unhackable’ are being banded around and we’re hoping that’s true.

But I digress.  That minor tweak I mentioned?  You can now select different time periods for the controller to auto-sleep.  Yep, it’s on the release notes, where you’d think Sony would also mention the cloud saving…

Which reminds me, can we have the option to upload more than one save at a time, please chaps?



  1. The controller sleep timer was actually very much needed. I have mine set to sleep but always thought 10 minutes was too quick.

    • Um, didn’t it do that already? I’ve have it power-off for some time now.

      • Yes. Like I said, I have mine set to sleep bit always thought 10 minutes was too quick. You never used to be able to set how long it took to turn off, now you can.

      • Really, must have missed that. I dont pay that much

    • Ah the time can be set now, nice TC, nice!

    • Yeah it is too short especially when i’m playing GT5 driving the B-Spec races some of them take just a bit over 10 minutes for my driver to finish so the controller just shut it self down and i have to start it again it’s a bit irritating so this is a very nice update

      • That is indeed a bit of a result. EA Active workouts can be incredibly frustrating when the controller keeps switching off after only 10 mins of inactivity.

  2. Not sure I really understand this…So if I want the controller to fall asleep at 17.00 while I’m playing I can now do that? Am I missing something here?

    • I think it means that you can change it from the 10 mins to other timings (say 20 mins or more).

      • I never knew we had such a feature haha… :)

      • Haha, we do indeed, its somewhere hidden in the options. Whilst I think its nice they’ve added the option to change it, not sure I’ll take advantage, the 10 min time point seems fine to me, and its not that difficult to turn the controller back on when it sleeps =P

      • It’s a handy thing I guess but I always found 10 minutes was fine. If I’ve not touched it for that long, I’m unlikely to suddenly need it quicker than the couple of seconds it takes to turn it back on.
        That said, I could be watching a MGS4 cut scene I suppose :P

  3. Oh and can I be the first to say nah man wherez ma crozz game chatz lulz

  4. I’ve had a root around the menu’s before useing the Uber useful cloud saving and I havent found anything as of yet

  5. It’s annoying that you can only upload one save at a time, but according to the comments on the Blog this should be sorted soon.

    • Ah so they are patching the patch. Brilliant. So they closed the store on update day to release unfinished software.
      How about fixing the fact that it takes about 10 secs to load the xmb icons when you jump between operations.

    • dam. does that mean i have to dl Another patch?? they always take 4ever to dl

  6. Cloud saving is the thing that’s going to make me buy into plus, having recently lost a lot of stuff when my hard drive corrupted, I’d love to be able to not lose it. I’m signing up when I get home =]

    • Does anyone know whether this firmware update fixes the whole problem with swapping Hard Drives?

      • I swapped my harddisk just a week ago. did have some obstacles to overcome; but in the end ; all went fine :)

  7. From the looks of the internets it also completely changes system security and adds a new layer of it too.

  8. Heehee, PS 360

    • Yeah. I notices that as well. lolz

    • lol! never noticed this!

  9. Really glad I subscribed last week now.

  10. Been a few hours now, waiting for the usual ‘update bricked my PS3’.
    Besides that, all over the official blog the same answer to the mutiple copy question, that of ‘Yeah, that would have been a good idea’. Jesus Christ Sony, get it right first time.
    Expecting 3.61 soon.

    • Yeah I’m waiting for the blame game to start.
      “Patch 3.60 bricked my ps3, nothing to do with that piece of toast I’ve just jammed in the disc drive”

      • Hey, I only did the toast thing ONE TIME!

        And in my defense, i have been know to accidentally put blu-rays in the toaster.

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