Season Pass Announced For Mortal Kombat

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive have today come forward to announce their Season Pass for Mortal Kombat. Available for 1200 MSP, the pass will give you access to all of the upcoming fighters and content packs, also saving you money in exchange for your early commitment. At present we believe there to be four downloadable characters which will become available over the summer, including Skarlet, Rain, and Kenshi as well as another mystery fighter. Each kombatant has been confirmed to have their own unique movesets, arcade endings and fatalities.


To accompany each character release will also be a free compatibility download, allowing those who don’t pay for the new fighters to still battle against them online. These content packs will also include retro costumes for numerous returning fighters, the first set to include MK 3 skins for both Cyrax and Sektor.

There has been no word on whether the pass will become available for PlayStation Network users, though it definitely seems likely.

Source: Destructoid



  1. I like the pass bundles that let you pick up the DLC.
    If I’m reading it right, this is just like the Rockstar Pass, and (Dare I say it) the Call of Duty Elite Premium?

    • Sort of, though unlike CoD Elite, the season pass only includes the DLC, none of the other social networking gubbins Activision are touting.

      • True, but I think that that’s the free part of Elite, and you can pay for DLC through it. (Or something, it’s all terribly confusing to me.)

  2. Game publishers trying out services similar to PS+? Must’ve been a success, then.

  3. Sounds like an excellent idea. Should this come to the PSN it is an instant no brain purchase for me.

    Hope it catches on.

  4. Lots of devs doing this lately so whoever started it must of made a killing.

  5. I like the sound of the Season pass as i plain out refuse to pay for a character. I wonder if publishers will start including them in new copies of their games. That would help them to combat preowned and give people more of a reason to get it new.:) I am glad that come with a compatabilty mode as it always annoys me when someone has DLC and the games boots you out for not having it. I think it only avaible on Xbox because Warner Bros and Netherealm wanted to make up for the lack of a xbox exclusive character. I can’t see why it won’t come to PSN unless MS has brought it. I just hope Warner and Netherealms will continue to release DLC for Mortal Kombat otherwise the season pass would be a waste of money.

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