Gotham City Impostors Won’t Have Classes

In a recent interview, Lucas Myers of Monolith Productions has said that Gotham City Impostors will allow players to kit out their own custom characters instead of being given pre-set classes. When asked how the game compares with its insanely popular rival-to-be, Team Fortress 2, Myers verified that characters are made up from several different components, including their visual aesthetic, weapons and abilities, more of which will become available as players level up.

So, if you want to take the healing tool, and you want the bazooka, and you want the skinny body type you can put all of that together… It’s completely up to the player how they want to make their class.

Myers also touched on one of GCI’s unique gameplay elements, namely the movement abilities. Joker and Batman wannabes of Gotham City not only have an arsenal of destructive weaponry in tow, they can also use equipment such as grappling hooks, wings, roller skates and smoke bombs allowing them to traverse battlefields in a more inventive fashion.

Be sure to look out for Gotham City Impostors when it launches later this year for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC.

Source: Gamepron


  1. It might be a great game but I guess it will be really unbalanced.

    • yeah that’s the first thing I thought.
      classes help shooters to be balanced, look at the COD games.
      they have no classes so it turns players into super soldiers who carry around an RPG, a one shot sniper and a powerful rifle.

      • Isn’t it the other way around? If you have predefined classes with predefined weapons one class will eventually turn out to be the best. If you let everyone use every weapon there is nothing to balance. It would be unbalanced if someone could use all the good weapons but you cloudn’t.

    • How can it be unbalanced if every character can use every weapon? Just use whatever you want / whatever does the most damage and let skill decide.

      • i agree, it may be slightly balanced, but the gameplay will be bloody boring when everyone realises what the best gun is.
        the only way this could work out for Gotham City Imposters would be if it had a Halo style gun pick up system.
        the best kind of balance is one where the gameplay is varied due to balanced classes that can contribute equally a la TF2

      • Because it will quickly become aparent what the most effective combination is and everyone will use it. ‘Balance’ here doesn’t mean one player has no advantage over another, it refers to the distribution of classes (or pseudoclasses if its freeform). In a class based game, like TF2 or BC2, the main goal of the class designers is to have every class equally useful, and thus have an even distribution amongst the playerbase.
        In choosing to play a class you pick up it’s strentgths and weakness. For example, in BC2 the Assault class has more out-and-out firepower than anything else, but in it’s normal setup it is useless against vehicles. Removing classes from the game would mean everyone would pick the best gun, best tool, best spec, etc.

      • Just look at Unreal Tournament. Everyone can use every weapon. You balance the stronger weapons by limiting the ammo. The system has been around long before class-based shooters were made. :)

      • Referring to the BC2 example, although you are right in saying that it does have its classes, it also has a general pool of perks & weapons that any class can use as well, so it’s the best of both worlds – For example, I am usually a sniper in a ghillie suite, but as I am not one for sitting & sniping (lack of patience & not so good with a sniper rifle), I tend to wander/skip around with a shotgun in hand instead!

  2. Was a bit dubious about this to begin with, but it is actually beginning to sound pretty good! I’ll reserve judgement until i see some gameplay though.

  3. Really hope this works out well.

  4. Custom clown make up? do it, I’m ready for this. I just pray that people actually buy it if it becomes a great game.

  5. I wonder if I’ll be able to create a Superman imposter, if so Im in. Superman in Gotham cleaning up the wimpy Dark Knights mess

    • Pft Supes wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

  6. there’s something about this game that rubs me up the wrong way.

    i think it’s that it’s just using the batman ip solely for marketing the game.
    that’s why i really can’t stand what they’ve done with xcom, it could turn out to be a bloody fantastic game, but it will never be xcom.

    for all the criticisms i’ve had for brink, i can at least give splash damage credit for not borrowing the popularity of somebody else’s ip to sell their game, they created their own new ip and let the game sell on it’s own merits.

    i mean seriously, what does an fps have to do with batman?
    apart from the character designs?
    but yeah, the first thing i think of when somebody mentions batman is deathmatch and capture the flag. o_O

    a COD branded rhythm game would make about as much sense.
    soap on drums.
    hey kotick, if you go with this idea, i’ll accept paypal or cash. ^_^

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