Duke Nukem Demo Hits XBLA, PSN Soon

2K Games have just announced (via VG247) that a playable demo of Duke Nukem Forever is now available from Xbox Live.

The demo, which is the same build and the same sections as the First Access Club pre-order demo, will be available from the PlayStation Network soon.  “We are currently working with Sony to get the demo out as soon as possible,” says the 2K representative.


Our 5/10 review of Duke Nukem Forever is here.



  1. Looking forward to trying this considering the reception it’s received.

  2. i thought they added new demos onto live on wednesdays.

    anyway, figures, the demo’s golds only.

  3. I honestly think people need to give this a go. I normally agree with reviews here but I didn’t on this one which makes me think it’s more of an opinion divider than a lot of games.

    • I know what you mean Sacred 2 was getting low scores but I loved it.

    • If I’d review a a game, i’d give it two scores : 1st, as a critic, with a balanced view of the quality of the game. and secondly my personal score. Would stop alot of the issues with reviewer’s tastes affecting game scores.

      • That’s a pretty good idea.

  4. Good, there seem to be less and less demos these days, they’re the main way a game can make me want to buy it. I really don’t care if you advertise a lot, just let me play a level!

    • Well said, definately not enough decent demos. Instead the PS Store is filled with re-releases and crappy dynamic themes a lot of the time.

  5. Good than i can see how crap it looks :). Or maybe it will convince me to grap it when it hits the bargain bin.

  6. It’s a bit late for the demo.I will download it. Why do i have the feeling that SCEE will delay it for 3 months.

  7. Wonder what the numbers will be for downloading it out of some terrible curiosity.

  8. Good i get to try it i’ve been really interested in it since it’s been getting such bad reviews

  9. I will give it a try I think when it hits.

  10. Wow I nearly bought this after playing the demo I’m so glad i didn’t as its a pile of poop!

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