‘Shadows Of The Damned’ Launch Trailer

In case you didn’t already have your calender marked, Shadows of the Damned hits shelves this week and to help celebrate, EA has released the game’s launch trailer.

Honestly, this wasn’t a game I kept too high on my list but it seems to be drawing more attention by the day. With the post-E3 lull gearing up, a surprise hit would be a welcome addition to June.

Check it out.


Source: Gamespot.


  1. Zombies and semi-naked women, with that combination this should be a hit. 2 things. 1 why do places insist on having that stupid birthday entry thing to watch it? It clearly wouldnt hold up in court! 2 what is it with all the zombie games recently? Enough I say!

    • They probably all started making them around the same time and so they’re done with around the same time too. However, I don’t know this for a fact.

      I hope the game is funny :)

  2. Could work if the humour is there…

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