Ratchet & Clank & Resistance Bundles Dated

It’s fair to say the PS3 user base has expanded at a pleasing rate over the last couple of years. Those who have recently taken the plunge will have a wealth of games to look forward to, but may not have gotten the chance to play some of the classics.

That’s where Insomniac’s bundles come in. As of July 22nd in both the EU and US you’ll be able to buy the Resistance Dual Pack as well as the Ratchet & Clank bundle, which features Tools of Destruction & Crack in Time.

They are all great games. In fact I’m getting all nostalgic remembering the first time I booted up Tools of Destruction.

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  1. Any idea on a classic price tag?

    • Apparently the Resistance one has a $40 rrp. Whatever they convert that into over in Europe is anyone’s guess.

  2. Didn’t like R2 outside of its single player mode but Resistance 1 was the sole reason I considered my PS3 a worthwhile day-one purchase. Co-op campaign, huge online battles, all good! well, until almost the entire community decided to make every lobby one-shot kills to boost their stats, then it became boring.

    Also a big R&C fan, but Tools was definately my favourite of the two (needed a trophy patch imo!)

  3. also uncharted bundle coming soon, looks like their platinum so likely cheaply priced too. hopefully uncharted 2 comes with all dlc then i will buy the pack.

  4. The boxes and artwork for platinum games are absolutely disgusting but on the box art for these titles they’ve put a box art within box art. It looks like vomit on the side of wall.
    I’d never buy these and have them on my shelf. They’re a total eye sore.


    • Awh man they do look disgusting ><

    • You’re right, thats absolutely horrible! Think I’d rather buy the two games seperately at about 4quid a throw from play.com heh

    • CrawFail, I can’t un-see that!

      Truly disguisting. Here’s hoping they let the Japanese division design ALL of the Team Ico Collection artwork.

  5. I remember sitting on my bed in a Hong Kong hotel after ever so carefully placing Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction into the newly bought PS3. It was a time when I got even more nostalgic and thought of the opening scene to Ratchet and Clank where Clank falls from the sky onto Ratchet’s home planet of Veldin :) I think it’s a great bunch of games and anyone who hasn’t tried them should play them. I have no experience with the Resistance series though unfortunately.

  6. What’s the point bundling up those Ratchet games when they haven’t even got Booty in there? I don’t really see how they didn’t have the chance to play any of those games… Also the title made me briefly hope that it was the original Ratchet trilogy. :(

    • Have to agree with you, it’s not complete without QFB. I loved TOD & QFB, but thought CiT was awful. Glad it got stolen as it saves me from having to bother trying to complete it! :0(

  7. I thought it was a new game called ‘Resistance & Clank’ :D

  8. I hope they do do a HD classics for Ratchet.

  9. Got all the originals….

  10. Are the ratchet games any good? not sure if I should by the HD re-release.

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