Happy Birthday, TheSixthAxis

We’ll skip the whole teary-eyed sentimental thing – Saturdays weren’t meant for reflection – but here’s a quick note to say that today marks four years of TheSixthAxis.  If websites had birthdays, this would be ours.

It’s odd, we never thought it would result in something so captivating, but here we are, 13,600 news articles, blogs, competitions, reviews and previews down the line and you lot are still reading us.  More so than ever, in fact: last month we served up two million page views and half a million unique visitors.  You lot.

Not bad, eh?

But there’s no fancy redesign, no new features, no new announcements – this might be an important milestone but all that can wait just now, we’re just focused on delivering the best videogame coverage we can and will continue to do so as long as we’re able.

So, from Peter, Dan, Kris, myself and the rest of the gang (and from everyone that’s ever written for the site) thanks for sticking through the good times and the bad.  And when you look back on it all, it’s been a blast, right?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re having a cup of tea.  Getting old, see?


  1. Happy Birthday TSA! I know I’m only new, but I’m a long time reader. Hope I’ll be around for the next four years ;)

  2. Happy birthday TSA. In tradition, each one of you get 4 punches in the arm.

  3. Happy Birthday indeed, and long may it continue. I might raise a glass this evening but for now, I’ll be closing my eyes again.

    Well done TSA, I know nothing of running and maintaining a website but I’m sure it hasn’t been easy getting this far, especially with the competition in such a fast growing industry. Having to have a particular style or a hook to get people visiting and keep them coming back.

    Now, about those eyes closing again, see if I can’t grab a few more zzzz’s.

  4. Happy Birthday TSA! Will have a drink for you when I get to Hyde Park for Hard Rock Calling later on ;-)

  5. Happy birthday TSA. I got you the world’s largest biscuit and managed to ste…convince Bmike to donate a part of his porn collection to you. Does this mean that the Members Teabags will be replaced by even better ones?;p

  6. Happy birthday TSA, good to see that the site has only gone from strength to strength ove the years. Hats off to all involved.

  7. Happy Birthday TSA, i’ve reallly enjoyed the articles and the community

  8. Happy Birthday TSA! I’ve only been lurking around here for about a year, and signed up for considerable less than that, but I knew you were the one from the very first article I read ;)

    Much love, here’s to the next four years. Cheers.

  9. Happy Birthday to the best gaming news site on the net!

  10. Happy birthday TSA :-D It feels like only yesterday since I registered back in October 2008.

    Here’s to many more years!

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