WeView Verdict: Split/Second: Velocity

Well I thought that Split/Second seemed like a popular choice amongst the community, but it seems I was very wrong. Only five of you weighed in with your opinion this week, clearly I need to go with something more popular when selecting this week’s title tomorrow. Anyway, even if there were only five of you who came forward with your opinion it’s still only fair to take a look at what you thought.

Let’s kick things off with Forrest_01 who broke down the game nicely throughout their review. It seems they were definitely  in love with Black Rock’s racer.

It takes arcade racing to another level too as it adds a tactical element into the mix – Do you use your level one power play to try & take out the driver in front or at least make him wobble so that you can overtake, do you save up the power play ‘juice’ for a level two takedown so that you can attempt to take out more of the competition at once, or perhaps you could even utilise a route changer which can see you go from the back of the pack to the front in a ‘split second’ (see what I did there?)? The choice is yours & that choice is usually the difference between a glorifying win or humiliating defeat.

With the basics of the game detailed, let’s turn to a slightly less glowing opinion. Many of you will remember that when Split/Second was released it was hotly pursued by arcade racer rival Blur, from Bizarre Creations. For BrendanCalls it seems like there wasn’t much of a contest between the two titles.

I never really enjoyed S/S, and I think thats mainly down to the vastly under-rated Blur that came out at more or less the same time. I played Blur first and then moved straight onto S/S. I couldn’t couldn’t get into it, although I cannot deny if I had played S/S first its possible my opinions may well be reversed.

However, BrendanCalls was left pretty much on his own with his opinion of the title. In fact Death_In_Flamez took it to the exact opposite end of the spectrum, giving it the highest praise possible.

I don’t think any other racing game has got me thinking so maniacly before. Motorstorm comes close, but when you got a choice between either ramming another racer off the road, or dropping a skyscraper on the guy, I know what I’d do. Yet, with strategy also comes great excitement, thrills, spills. It’s an innovative racer, and a perfect racer game.

Perfect may seem a little strong for any game, but there you have it. Next, to Mickey2010‘s view of the game. He drew a comparison to the past, looking at Black Rock’s previous title, Pure.

After playing Blacrock Studio’s ATV Classic in my eyes Pure i thought the studio had alot to live up to and they duly delivered! To me it felt fun it felt fresh and very innovative the racing was intense the action was great the explosions were epic each track always offered something new one race you could bring down a skyscraper and chance the whole track next minute you can crash ships into docks all in all i think its a brillaint game and one of the best if no the best racer i’ve played this generation it Need For Speed on steroids!

Finally, to my favourite opinion of the week. This week it’s the turn of haz360, see if you can spot why I picked it.

Vroooooooooooooooooooom. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. Whooooooooooosh. BANG! BAAAAAAAAAAANG! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! CRASH! KAPOW! BOOM! Vrooooooo….

That sums up Split/Second right there. Adrenaline-fueled, fast-paced, explosion-laced thrill ride. It looks great in motion, it’s insanely loud and best of all, it’s extremely fun to play.

Time to turn to your verdict of the game. With only five of you taking part it was at least easy for me to count up the votes. There was one vote for Rent It, but with the other four of you turning to Buy It it’s clear that Split/Second is worthy of your attention.



  1. Suprised there were only 5! We need more players people!

    • I forgot to vote so let’s make that 6.

  2. @BrendanCalls, i choose Blur over S/S, very under rated game, great fun and probably the most enjoyable racing game i have played for a while.
    Nice reviews, Haz360’s made me laugh :L havnt the servers been shut down for this though?

    • Nope. You may be thinking of Grid, or the fact that Blackrock is no more, but online games can still certainly be found.

      Additionally, I have to admit that I also like Blur – Not sure why the decision was made to release both racers on the same day, or even on the same day as RDR (I get that competition is healthy, but that release day had ‘fail’ written all over it!), but they aren’t really comparable to be honest – I see Blur as a ‘grown up’ or more realistic version of Mario Kart (or similar weapons based driving game) & I see Split Second as more of a Burnout clone (although clone it is not) whilst they are both driving games, I feel that that they are poles apart.

      I have got the plat for S/S, but something just isn’t drawing me back to Blur. Horses for courses I suppose.

      • ah thats it, thats cleared taht up thanks, surprising that both Blur and S/S developers are no more now :( I also see blur as a mario kart with real cars, maybe thats why i found it so fun :) im sure i would love S/S too :D

  3. Awesome game, and I loved it more than any arcade racer since Burnout 3. Are the servers for the PS3 version shut-down/shutting-down?

  4. Whoops, missed this one! Definately a good arcade racer, just found it a little lacking in content and I seem to remember the online being pretty disappointing :(

  5. I’ve got a question for those who have this- does it have split-screen?
    If it does, I’ll buy it.

    • Yep.

      • Looks like I’ll be picking up two racers next time I’m in Gamestop then- Split/Second and Modnation Racers.

  6. Loved this game. On the other hand, I thought Blur was shite.

    • Haha totally agree just noticed how bad my spelling was!

  7. I remember my local Blockbuster didn’t even stock it. Was as a case of RDR or nothing. A great racer that for me at least has outlasted Blur which I eventually traded in. Pretty good DLC support too.

  8. Actually saying that after I got S/S a month down the road I did end up picking up Blur also. For me, Split Second was much more fun and hunting down trophies in Blur has become more of a chore than fun like I find in S/S

  9. I had both Split/Second and Blur and got both Platinums. I sold Blur as I heard the servers are going down (Not sure if it has or no date confirmed) And I kept Split/Second as it was too damn fun and it has a replay value and the online is surprisingly going strong!

    • Wow! Speaking from experience Blur is one long-winded and tricky plat. I think I gave up on about 75% trophy completion so congrats :)

      • Thanks it was hard but I don’t give up easily lol.

      • lol, clearly :) The online community was a bit lacking when I tried to get those trophies so I gave up at that point

      • I agree about the tricky plat for Blur. I remeber when i got the game i made it my mission to get the plat but after about a week of playing it i realised that it was never going to happen.

  10. I’ve been playing it for about a week now. Nearing the end of the season, but starting to struggle to find enough points to open up final events.

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