Sony Announces “PSP Engine” For PS3

You’ll remember news that Sony are planning to upscale and upgrade PSP games for the PS3 – well, that technology now has a name: PSP Engine.

The engine was announced by Sony’s Kentaro Suzuki at the GTMF (Game Tools and Middleware Forum) in Tokyo, and as such PSP Engine acts as middleware between the PS3 and a PSP game, offering the following features:

  • High resolution rendering
  • Dual Analog control
  • 3DTV output
  • Ad-hoc Party functionality
  • Expansions to the PSP’s main memory and graphics memory
  • Unified save data

It sounds like an emulator of sorts to be honest, but could be great, and hopefully we’ll see a few high profile PSP games on the way now.

There’s no mention of Trophy support.

Source: AndriaSang, via Famitsu.



  1. woo get to play as the Brawn GPs in F1 2009 on PS3.

  2. I remember them releasing GTA Liberty Stories and Vice Stories from PSP to PS2. It didn’t look to pretty as i remember, especially when compare with San Andreas. I wonder if these re releases will feel like a backward step for some franchises.

  3. Good, its the same path of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD so hopefully more Japanese PSP games. Its the reason I have a PSP playing Dissida and Phantasy Star Portable 2 on the PS3 is a great thing so I would like to see that done.

    It won’t be worth bothering with 3rd party games outside of Japan. The Quality is just abysmal so they better do things right (>_>)

  4. Just give me Patapon HD. With Trophies. Now.

  5. Not really that interested.

  6. To those saying that Sony should spend the resources elsewhere, that isn’t how they work. They have TOTALLY seperate departments. The budgets for this project have not been taken from anywhere else, they have been created from the profits.
    Tesco have done the same thing with all of their departments. That is why in about 6 months you will see the 1st of the Tesco video streaming services. Nothing to do with the food part. Totally seperate.

  7. Loco Roco! :)

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