Massive Poll: BF3 Vs MW3 – The Results

Let’s start with the good news for Activision and EA; Only 3.66% of voters said they would keeping their wallets firmly in the their pockets and would not be purchasing either game, that means a whopping 96.34% of TSA voters would be purchasing at least one of the title we asked you about on Friday.

Of these voters, an impressive 21.59%  are planning to buy both games and spend every waking moment shooting millions of digital soldiers, all of which seem to be a ten year old American kid who swears like a trucker.

Now we come to the two important statistics, how many of you are buying Battlefield 3 and how many will stay loyal to the Call Of Duty franchise?

Before I reveal the final result, a quick word about the voting. Within ten minutes of the poll opening, the percentage of vote was split as below. During the entire voting period the percentages did not move more than plus or minus three percent from the final result.  There were no wild swings towards either game which would indicate someone was trying to influence the poll, the votes were uniformly cast.

With 1,802 votes cast, the results show that 66.59% of voters will  be purchasing Battlefield 3 and 8.16% will buy Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

That is not a typo, the results really are  66% vs 8%, Battlefield 3 has crushed Call Of Duty. That’s a huge surprise and it will be very interesting to see how it plays out in November when the two titles really do go head to head for sales.


  1. *I will buy Skyrim

  2. Glad to see my 1,185 Battlefield votes were counted :-)

    I jest. Interesting, but not surprising, results.

  3. I’m getting both, cant wait and not doubt MW3 will outsell BF3.

    • ops meant no doubt

      • Just not round these parts by the looks of things! :)

  4. Very surprised by the results. Have the early BF3 videos seized the early incentive? They were mighty impressive and made the MW3 videos look quite average when they surfaced.

    • Or is it just because its fashionable to hate on COD?

      • maybe.

      • /\ What he said. I will be buying both, but I think MW3 will still sell universally better than BF3 – but good luck to both. Buying both is the way to go. =D

      • I think it’s fashionable to bring up the ‘fashionable to hate on CoD’ argument :P

      • Or …..? Is it fashionable to be fashionable to be fash…. Oh forget it! :)

    • I don’t think its any of those reasons. For me, people who visit this site are fairly hardcore gamers, so much so that we visit websites daily to discuss gaming. I think the battlefield series appeals more to hardcore gamers. Cod will still outsell battlefield, because the majority of gamers are more casual, don’t visit websites such as this for a news fix, and the fast and twitchy style of play of cod suits them a lot more.

      • There is also the massive Battlefield advert in the background to take into consideration.

      • Haha, I really wish we could claim that the ads we carry on the site had that much of an effect!
        I’m sure the site skin does sway things a tiny little bit but I’d be surprised if it was more than a percentage point. Those results have been a huge surprise to me and I know TuffCub was quite shocked at them too.

      • I’d be shocked too if I saw that result play out over the week.

    • Is it fashionable to be John Fashanu?

      • Oops, that post was a little misplaced methinks… AWOOOOGA!

  5. More then 8x the amount of people are only buying bf3 over cod. Now that really is shocking. Shame it won’t really turn out like that, cod could really do with some proper competition.

    • So that they can make a better game.

  6. Very unexpected, though when both games launch, I still expect MW3 to wipe the floor with BF3 in terms of sales.

    • Me too, there are people who just buy COD once a year and thats it. Our poll is more representative of ‘hardcore gamers’ – but even so, I think Activision might be worried.

  7. I probably won’t buy either (straight away) because of all the games coming out!

    • I will most likely rent both I’m that cheap.

  8. Very interesting indeed! Looks like EA might be taking back that FPS crown like they wanted.

    I’ll be buying Battlefield 3, I have no interest in MW3 (Will be the first Call of Duty game this generation that I won’t buy).

  9. I’ll be getting both, hopefully there will be a release day/week offer in Sainsbo’s like there has been for the last couple of COD’s

  10. I was in the ‘neither’ camp, a.k.a. The Special SixtySix.

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