TheSixthAxis Custom Leaderboard For “1000 Heroz”

What does 59p get you? A packet of crisps?  A pint of milk?  Couple of packets of tomato ketchup for your roll?  Probably.  But it also bags you 1000 Heroz, the cool platformer for the iPhone/iPod Touch that – yes – runs over 1000 days.  We’re onto day 25 or so, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that TheSixthAxis regular Kevatron has set up a custom leaderboard in the game.  To get to it, and challenge the pants of your mates here at TSA, just enter THESIXTHAXIS in the Options > Custom Leaderboard box.  Once you’ve done that, you can hammer us into submission each and every day for the next 3 years.

Brilliant game, and well worth the cash – it’s deceptively simple and yet hugely addictive, especially now you’ve got people to compete against who aren’t just names on a leaderboard.  Well, they are, but at least you’ve have heard of most of them.  And who knows, we might even try to get a competition going on key dates, so get practising…

You can read loads about 1000 Heroz here in our hands-on feature.



  1. I think you mean Kevatron ;)
    I’ll join up soon.

    • Although I’m rubbish… I struggle to get 2 stars on each level :(

    • Isn’t that what it says?

    • It did say Kevling.

  2. My iPhone will arrive in two weeks and I’ll be getting involved with this! Good job TSA

  3. I’m just about as poor as I predicted. There’s a “golden route”, isn’t there? Curse you all!

    • Today’s is actually quite easy, which is nice, but yesterday’s is /tough/…

  4. Hooray! Now I have achieved global recognition I had better make sure I’m top of those leaderboards!

  5. Get in! I’m top of the League! ;-)

  6. i’ve joined…right at the bottom…sad face

  7. One more reason to hate my fellow TSA visitors! >:D

  8. I’ve just joined. Amazingly, I’m top. Should I leave again?

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