Big Update for 1000 Heroz

We like 1000 Heroz here at TSA; in fact we even have a TSA group set up. RedLynx has announced an update for the game, which introduces some decent new features. Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx and Grandmaster of the Grand Poobahs had the following to say:

“As The Ancient Age of Hungry Lizards comes to an end, and The Hungry Age of Famished Farmers begins, I am pleased to proclaim the following new features for Heroz and players to enjoy:

  • Support for multiple custom friend leagues
  • New game elements: Fast Carts, Spinning Wheels, and Crazy Cannons!
  • Faster Heroz with improved running physics
  • New Run notifier – never miss a day”

Source: Press Release






  1. I’ve missed the last 50 days or so…

  2. I was top of the board for so long, but after a four day bender at Boomtown Festival (where no Heroz was played) I have been usurped by Gaz069.
    In fact someone has just joined today “Jimster71” with a massive lead, who’s he?

    • erm, me, sorry. I wasn’t expecting that!

  3. I do enjoy this game, even if it frustrates me sometimes. I’ve joined the TSA Group for a bit more of a challenge with the daily runs – most of my friends don’t play it that much.

    • Lol. Good work, that’s an impressive score! Gaz still seems to beat me on a daily basis though. I’m secretly hoping his phone breaks for a week or two so I can catch up ;-)

      • Cheers. No idea why, I’m never massively high on the global leaderboard for daily times, but I have played it every day. Currently sitting in the mid to high 60s on the global rankings.

      • Only started about day 18 and missed a few others along the way so slipped a bit

  4. I gave up after a month really want to get back to playing it though, will give the new update a try.

  5. Ah, the game that lasts 1000 days. It is good to see that they are updating it. I think they will keep updating untill the 1000th day and then kill off the game. :)

    I wouldn’t be able to commit to a game like this.

  6. I’m quite addicted to this game, I’m on it as “emmasguy” (I’m a romantic, ok?!), so glad of any updates they make. Now I’m not the greatest gamer in the world but I still can’t believe some of the times people achieve. Fantastic stuff

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