3DS Getting Final Fantasy… Rhythm Game

Good news; the 3DS is getting a Final Fantasy game! Odd news; it’s a rhythm game! Titled ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’, you’ll still get battle scenes like the Final Fantasy games of old, but instead of summons and materia you will be tapping the screen and following rhythm prompts.

As you would expect, the music used will be from previous Final Fantasy games but the characters will be shown in ‘chibi’ style (cute, rather than realistic).

The potential for a Cloud/Sephiroth dance off is epic. “Step, pause, pivot, stab, regen, step, FREEZE…and jazz hands!”

I wonder if we will ever see the game over here…

Source: Andriasang


  1. Dan, you really need to lay off the Red bull…

  2. So..? Keyboard/piano Hero: Nobuo Uematsu?

  3. Can’t possibly be April again already.

  4. What? Just no, no no NO.*takes anti geek rage pills*. That is shovelware. Final Fantasy is about the story and soundtrack not rythme and playing the rythme.What were they thinking.

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