Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Gameplay Footage

Square Enix has finally released some gameplay footage for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. It looks far more interesting that it sounds.

It’s worth noting that the video below, which was taken from the official website, was originally used to explain how the gameplay mechanics work. I’m pretty sure that’s why the first half doesn’t have any music playing in the background. The second half is brilliant though.

Source: Andriasang


  1. I had completely forgotten that this existed. The gameplay is a bit crap imo. The sound of the icons is intrustive. I shall be ignoring it. I thought i would never ignore a FF game.:o

    So where’s the story? *starts to grow concerned that there is no story for this FF game*

    • Well this is not an FF game though? At least not more than, say, Crystal Chronicles.

  2. I sincerely hope this is an iPhone game, yes? (i don’t have an iPhone so would be easy to avoid)

    Poor little Ultros.

    • Oh, says Nintendo. Must be a (3)DS game then, phew.

  3. only in japan.

  4. So this is what they are doing instead of finishing FF 13Verus -_-

    • Square Enix isn’t developing this game directly so I doubt it will interfere with Versus 13 in any way.

  5. I love it! LOLZ i may get a 3ds just for this!

  6. I want this!

    It looks flipping awesome.

    • It’s the ‘Burnout: Crash’ of the Final Fantasy world.

      • Burn it all down! Weeee! (I have absolutely no idea what came over me. I sincerely apologize and will now sit in the corner wearing my hat of shame.)

        Anyways, this reminded me how awesome the soundtrack to FFXIII was.

  7. I hope they are working on Dissidia 3 for the Vita.

  8. Looks… interesting.
    I like rhythm games.
    I like FF music.
    I’d also like some story so we’ll see.

  9. When I saw the Waltz for the Moon scene, I kid you not, I made a noise reminiscent of “aaaaaaaAAaa” :)

  10. I love love love rhythm games, I hope this isnt just a phone game and pops onto a certain ps3 / pc system! The waltz scene looked like Mad Maestro!

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