Analyst: Duke Nukem Sales “Disappointing”

Respected analysts Wedbush Morgan have lowered their estimates for the amount Take Two’s Duke Nuke Forever was going to sell, suggesting that the sell-through might only be around half of what it was expecting.

Originally Wedbush Morgan had predicted estimates of 3 million sales, but now pitch the title at shifting around 1.5 million in Quarter 1. In accordance, they’ve adjusted the total revenue for the publisher down from $375 million to $350.


Michael Pachter himself has weighed in. “Of the major publishers, Take-Two has had the fewest ‘misses’ in terms of game quality over the last two years, and as a result, delivered a profitable FY:11 without a GTA release.”

On a related note, the analysts expect the next GTA game to appear in fiscal 2013.

You can tell us what you thought about Duke Nukem in this week’s WeView, or read our full review here.

Source: Gamasutra.



  1. It did pretty well for a terrible game.

    • Yup, I couldn’t even be arsed to finish the demo.

      • same here lol

      • Couldn’t even be arsed to download the demo.

      • Demo? Oh! didn’t bother to download it either.

  2. WellI bought it, and I’m still glad I did

    • you must have a thick skin…or 3 shirts

  3. It still managed to get onto the charts which means it did well enough. I have played the demo and it was very average. I would give it a 5/10. It did well for an average game. It managed to beat Portal 2 in the charts and i think COD:BO.:O I don’t think 2k have lost that much profit and may have broke even with DNF.

    • Reviewing a demo is not a helpful way to review the whole game.

      • I know, but if i had to review the game and i had the game. I would give it a five.

  4. This is my new pet hate. “GTA V will be out next week/month/year”. Analysts have been saying that for two years now, you might as well ask Susan Boyle when it’s coming out.

    • Do you think she will know?? Time to add her to twitter lol.

      • She has a good a chance as these analysts at guessing when it’s coming out.

    • Your right maybe she’ll know?

      Susan Boyle: Oh! more followers

  5. Nasty game that’s stuck in the past. They shouldnt have bothered tbh, or at least released it sometime in August where nothing is really coming out (apart from Deus Ex of course). Releasing alongside games that are actually decent such as Hunted, Alice, Dungeon Siege, etc was a stupid move.

    • Or of course released it 10 years ago like they should have done ;)

    • I don’t think the month would of made any difference, it was still a awful game and would’t of sold well ever and if they had realeased it any later it probably would of sold even worse as people are likely to be saving for the all the games being realeased in oct/nov

  6. I quite liked it my only hate for the game is the loading times.

    • This was what killed the demo for me. I could get past the inane gameplay if I didn’t spend most of it staring at a loading screen.

      • I brought it on day 1 and as soon as you get to a boss battle or fall off a ledge your sat staring at a loading screen for ages. But apart from that i do like the game its different from all the modern wars, world war games its funny.

    • Same. The loading times aren’t anyway near as bad on PS3 as Xbox either and on a decent PC they are perfectly fine.
      I am still enjoying the game on my second playthrough.

      • I found them pretty bad on the PS3 demo, are they better on the actual game? That is the one thing that will stop be buying it cheaper down the line.

  7. Is Duke Nukem even relevant anymore, I think not. Hell he was barely even relevant 10 years ago.

    • Serious Sam is still I guess. The Duke is dead now its time for Sam to take the crown of FPS.

      (say what? Serious Sam wtf!?)

      • Let’s see how Serious Sam 3 will do this summer. I quite enjoyed the first two encounters. Just like Duke Nukem, it’s one of those games where you deactivate your brain and have some fun shooting at everything that moves with ridiculously huge guns and laugh about stupid jokes. :D

  8. The most ridiculous part is the way it felt rushed. Maybe the full game is slightly better than the demo, particularly with respect to the loading times?

  9. That is disappointing given that the game is more enjoyable than was led to believe by all the negative press it’s received.

  10. I would have been happy for them to simply remake the original with a few tweaks to make it scalable to resolutions used today and sell it for a fiver! I bet lots would have flocked to it then! (Suppose there wasn’t a way to already play the original)

    • There is on 360, it’s on the Live Marketplace and it’s still brilliant.

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