PSP Digital Comics Store Gets Its Last Update

Sony has announced that the PSP Digital Comics Store will no longer receive updates as of today. Although updates will no longer occur, it will still be possible to browse the store and purchase any currently available comics. At least for the time being.

This is going to be your last comic store update for PSP as the Digital Comics Team are now working on bringing the comic service to other Sony devices. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with any future developments right here on the blog.

Since the launch of the service in 2009, the digital comics store has provided nearly 4000 comics from publishers such as Marvel, DC, and IDW. A very small handful of those comics are actually free, so you might as well check them out. One would hope that the PS3 and PSVita are amongst the “other Sony devices” getting a digital comics service in the future. Throw in a subscription service and I’m sold.

Source: PlayStation Blog via PSNStores



  1. Ah shame, was a great service, and hope it continues on Vita

  2. I was quite enjoying reading comics on my psp. Guess I’ll have to buy the real thing.

    • Do it! Support your local comic shop (if you have one)

  3. This is the giant issue I have with digital content, the oft lack of transferability.

    You can’t read a Kindle book on a Nook, you can’t what an iTunes movie on a PSP, etc. etc. What happens when 5 years down the line tech moves on and that content is no longer usable?

    Well, thank heavens for me sticking to physical formats where possible, and generally also to open formats elsewhere.

    • You know a Nook and a Kindle both read pdfs and epubs right? They’re hardly going to let their competitors use their own file formats. That’s like saying “wow my DS game doesn’t work on my PS3?! What a ripoff!”

      • Not quite, since games have always been platform specific, whilst other forms of media have been much more liberal with their allowances. I know what I’m getting with games, but with other things you have to be wary.

        Music, for example, has returned recently to being open and unrestricted.
        Movies are often purchased with extra copies of the film on extra discs so you can watch on BD, DVD or on your iDevice etc. etc. Though here, that digital copy is platform locked once redeemed. You’re buggered if you buy you films digitally then switch platforms, though.
        Books are /fairly/ open. Kindle is good because there’s a smart phone app for everything in addition to being tied to the hardware, but what about if you purchased from iBooks? What if you bought a book specific app?

        As for comics, well… What a minefield. There’s comic specific apps. There’s publisher specific stores, there’s platform specific stores, and so on and so forth. You’re much better off purchasing the physical comics until there’s an all encompassing solution that is simple, clear, and universal. I wouldn’t bother with anything until then.

  4. Touch screen comics for Vita, then. Somebody tell Kris.

  5. Personally I’d be happy to read these on my ps3, so it’s kinda sad it’s shutting down. Is it just the EU one or all comic stores?

  6. Never really got the appeal of comics on a small screen. I don’t feel that you can appreciate the art properly or take the page/panel in the way the artist intended. I’ve always felt that if a comic is digital it should bring something more to the media, in the way that Marvel’s motion comics do. Otherwise I’m more than happy to stick to the physical comics every month (You can’t get the writer or artist to sign your digital copy either)

  7. Only had a glance at the feebies, they were ok, but im not a fan of comic’s full stop.

  8. S1 FTW!

  9. I’ll be honest, i started using comixology on my play any way, but hopefully it will be back for the vita, i imagine the new app will be for sony Ericsson

  10. i just don’t understand why new versions mean closing down the psp store.

    are the vita, or whatever, versions files going to be incompatible with the psp app? and if so does that mean we’ll have to rebuy all our comics if we wanted to use them on whatever new devices this is for.

    if they are shifting to vita, why close the store six months before?

    if i chose not to get a vita, or whatever, would that mean i’d never be able to finish series i’d been buying on psp?
    short of getting the print versions that is.

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